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  1. I just heard that some of the tests sheets were mistaken for ballots and destroyed "by accident" in route to be graded.
  2. Picking up our new puppy tomorrow Spam
  3. Congrats on passing. How did you score in each of the domains (below proficient, moderately proficient, or proficient)?
  4. I believe this is the Cornelius Fichtner course and he is great. I listen to a lot of his podcasts for PDU's (PMI's required CEU's). If you can afford the $300 then go for it. If you want a cheaper option, you might try the Udemy course by Joseph Phillips. It is only $12 and this is what they state: "PMP Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide 6 Bestseller Updated July 2020 24.5 total hoursAll LevelsSubtitles PMP Exam Prep Seminar - Earn 35 PDUs by completing the entire PMP course Earn 35 PDUs/Contact Hours by completing the entire course You will get all
  5. I wonder how this compares to Marijuana use now that it is legal in some states. Also, does this include vaping? BTW, when I was growing up in Indiana, the age to legally purchase cigarettes was 13. I am glad they really tried to keep them away from those 12 year olds.
  6. I got my check for $25.02 today. Not quite $900 but better than nothing.
  7. I would have guessed you are in Dickson or Maury Counties where the COL is reasonable compared to Davidson, Williamson Sumner or even Wilson Counties. I live in the very southwestern part of Davidson County and our property taxes are going up 34% this year (an extra $1,000) . The most important thing is that you are happy at what you do and enjoy your coworkers. More money is not worth a bad job experience.
  8. Without knowing how much you make I feel you are probably underpaid for Nashville, but I am not sure what the electric engineering market is like. The Civil Engineering Market is good right now for those wanting to make the move. What area are you in where the COL is still lower than where you work.
  9. Movie (Ralph Machio beats Steve Via in a guitar contest - Betcha did not know the Karate Kid could play guitar)
  10. Just Beat It - Michael Jackson
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