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  1. davab


    I didn't get any email yet but I assume that I will be getting an official email from NCEES about the cancellation of my SE exam.
  2. davab


    My plan was to aim to pass both this April and if not, at least pass one and be done by this October. The entire plan may need to change now. Also, with NBA suspending all games indefinitely, I don't see why NCEES wouldn't suspend exams as we get closer to the test day.
  3. davab


    Wholeheartedly agree. Same feeling here.
  4. davab


    Has cancelling the exam ever happen in NCEES history?
  5. davab


    Oh lord.. I am in Orange County, California. Another densely populated region.. I don't see this slowing down anytime soon..
  6. @tj_PE & @David Connor, SE, Thank you both for sharing your experience. The reason for the question was: I was debating whether to add same tables within several locations of my binder. I am taking the AEI class and sometimes flipping through a binder can consume a lot of time. So I thought it would be wise to add certain tables or charts in different sections. But maybe this shouldn't be much of a concern if I can have certain reference books open the entire time...
  7. What does this mean? A A IR U?
  8. Do we know how depth portions for SE exams are graded? Are there any partial credits?
  9. Do you guys know if there is any limitation as to how many books/references can be opened simultaneously in one table? Are there any rule for this?
  10. If you don't mind me asking, what was your level of experience in the materials? I.E. wood, masonry, steel, concrete, bridge? And how many hours did you devote to studying each exam per week?
  11. Good to know... I guess I need to ramp it up more for two... Argh
  12. How many hours do you guys study per week when studying for both vertical and lateral? I am able to put in about 10 to 15 hours and I don't think it is enough. Now about 8 weeks to go...
  13. That is a great advice jmm7200. For STERM, what edition would be acceptable? I guess it is much like being a coach of a football team. I need a playbook for every play!!
  14. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful responses. Yes, I will remember to breath... Focus on AEI binder for now... and test problems! When I registered for both exams and spent $1000 on the registration fee, I thought, "of course I can do it if I was able to pass CA PE with one try." But wait.... I have a 5 month old baby now and started my own practice last year... Crap. I will make sure to breath before I suffocate!!
  15. Anyone who has studied using AEI... How useful was the AEI handouts for the test? During the test, were you guys using the AEI binders 90% of the time? 80%? 50%? So far, I am putting post-it notes on both the AEI binders and code books. Wondering whether I should focus on one or the other. At the end, I feel that it would be best to be the master of either the code book (ACI, AISC, NDS, etc) itself or AEI binder so I don't lose any time searching through the code references. Any thoughts? Also, after a long day at work, I am barely putting 2 hours each night and extr
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