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  1. I wish you the best of luck on the exam. Do not get overwhelmed if you see a problem you're not comfortable with, move on and solve some softballs to get your confidence up and go back and take a crack at the challenging one you skipped, a few times I did that and when I came back to the problem it was much easier for me to understand! If things do not go your way this time around, EET is the way to be! Cheers!!
  2. Last October I took the day before the exam off of work to do some last minute studying and organize my references but what really happened is I did maybe 5 practice problems that I had already done before but I ran out of other problems to do and those ones were more challenging to me. once I finished those, I packed up all of my references in the orders I had practiced using them and watched "The Office" the rest of the day. it was actually a very enjoyable and relaxing day! Made a massive pasta dinner, ate until I almost popped, went to bed around 9 and the rest is history! Good luck to eve
  3. If you can swing it financially I would highly recommend signing up for the breadth review course as well since there are several topics that will tie in-to a lot of the depth topics.
  4. Learn something new everyday!! thank you! and that sucks!!
  5. They added 10 more questions to the morning section?? I thought it was 40 morning and 40 afternoon
  6. When I passed I didn't even get my notification from NCEES that results were released and able to be viewed until about 5-6 hours after I already noticed they had been posted on NCEES (because I was refreshing the NCEES website non-stop )
  7. What I recommend then is to focus on understanding the binders inside and out. Know where each topic is, sticky tab the hell out of it, know where all equations are. Being able to cross reference between the NCEES curriculum and the EET curriculum is not very important, from my experience. The binders are generally broken up into the main topics you're tested on so that should be enough to get you in the proximity of what you're looking for. My main recommendation is to tab tab and tab those binders in any way that will get you to remember where you can find everything.
  8. Did you receive binders from EET for the on-demand webinar?
  9. I recommend doing all that you can to obtain the suggested references and bringing them with you to the exam. EET provides most of the common charts and tables from the references, but not all of them. For exams and situations like this, err on the side of caution and assume the worst.
  10. I spent a lot of time on my own studying from practice exams and practice problems I bought online and going over lectures and example problems given to us from EET, just to make myself feel like I was doing all that I could to fully prepare for the exam. However, I do believe that EET fully prepared me for the exam. The course covered EVERY topic that NCEES tells you will be on the exam, and then some! The thing about EET is that they go over things you may not have seen in a while or at all and they teach you the concepts of everything and where to find key topics in your references, that wa
  11. You CAN pay it off as you go**** ^^^^
  12. I recommend the live webinar if you can make it every Saturday. With the live webinar you can interact with the instructors and other folks in the class while the instructor is going through the topics. That way if you have a question, you type it into the chat window and 9.9/10 times the instructor answers it right then and there. To me that was the best part, being engaged and discussing questions with the instructors and other students. Live webinar is the way to go. And like @John QPE said, you do not need to pay it off as you go and also look into your companies policies on reimbursements
  13. And I thought I had it bad waiting until the second day (12/9)
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