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  1. I was finally able to get a pair of Bontrager XR grips. They were the ones that I had on my Marlin before I turtled and they got destroyed. At $15, they're the comfiest grips I've used yet, including the stupid Ergons that are just OK. I almost did an REI curbside pickup, but decided to walk in instead. Glad I did, because they showed 4 in stock but could find them nowhere after three employees combed the inventory rooms looking for them. The local Trek store had several on the wall despite showing zero in stock. They're also made from recycled fishing nets, so I basically saved th
  2. In the pillow section, of course.
  3. Nope. Just like insurance - it lands in your yard, it's your problem.
  4. Aldi or Lidl are the two places I can think of who'd put pillows in the produce aisle, and that looks more like Aldi.
  5. Not everyone is built to be able to front rack with high elbows. My forearms are two inches longer than my humerus. Even if I could bend my wrists 90 degrees (which I can't), my hands would have to be a full 5 inches out on either side of my shoulder to get the bar to the top of my chest, and that's with elbows up MAYBE 30 degrees. If I were to "front rack" with my elbows nearing 90 degrees, the bar would be about an inch away from the BACK of my neck.
  6. Are dealerships on crack right now? They are seriously asking like $5K over MSRP on Kias and Hyundais. I'm about to give up and just go get a damned Pilot even though I'd prefer the Telluride/Palisade.
  7. Oh. I thought it was all the rape and murder.
  8. The more I look, the more I realize this map was probably written on opposites day.
  9. Who cares? All of 2020/21 college football is nothing more than an extended combine. Half the coaches/players are out or are going to be out, schedules are trash, etc. Hell, I even let my fantasy football team auto draft if that tells you how much I care about sports this year. And even that was a shit show, since I had guys with zero points due to games being postponed.
  10. Washington is scared of needles? Has whoever drew that map ever visited Seattle?
  11. Started Helstrom on Hulu - seems OK after one episode. Watched The Handmaiden on Prime. There are some very prolific lesbian sex scenes in it (which in all fairness is supposed to show relationship development between two characters), but if you look past that, it's a really good movie with twists, double crosses, and a seriously f'd up uncle. It's a Korean film, but if you liked Parasite, you'll probably like this. Just don't watch it with your kids.
  12. I have no idea. I think they reverse it annually or for some portion of every year, but the local FB page seems to indicate that about 85% hate this variation. It's genuinely awkward. I'm hoping the other trail that's part of that system was left alone, because I like it better and this will convince Mrs. Supe and Junior to prefer it too. Bled the dropper today. Lots of air, but only marginally better after the bleed. Considering chunks of o-ring were floating into the syringe during the bleed, I'd say the button is in need of a rebuild, so I'll order the kit and get around to doing
  13. My massage lady isn't coming back to work until January 4th. I think I'm going to die. Probably won't curl up and die, though. My back hurts too much to curl.
  14. Charlotte airport was stupid. They put like 8 foot tall sneeze guards throughout the security line. Somehow sticking everyone in a plastic box together is better than having any ventilation? Flight on American was dumb too. Flights were full, and they can't bring drinks around, but somehow it's still safe for stewardess to walk around and try to get you to sign up for credit cards? Everyone was drinking anyways, just stuck paying airport price for food and drinks they brought onboard.
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