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  1. Thanks so much! Would you advise AMD or Nvidia? Because there might be more cost savings in AMD possibly? like AMD FirePro™ W5100 4GB (4 DP) (2 DP to SL-DVI adapters) or AMD FirePro™ W5100 4GB (4 DP) (2 DP to SL-DVI adapters)
  2. So attached is what I got for the Dell PC you sent. Let me know what you think.
  3. Thanks. I'll see what he says. What SSD and Auxilary Video Card do you recommend? and what do you mean by "Auxillary Video Card"?
  4. He also mentioned to tell him specific specifications so he could see what deal he could get that way as well.
  5. Hey So I talked to the owner and he said to send him recommendations. Since he gets deals from Dell, he send to give him recommendations for Dell PCs. His budget is around the $1500 mark but he is willing to spend a little more here or there. So can you give me some recent of current DELL pcs that would meet this budget with the graphics card memory and processor you recommend to best use Microstation, GEOPAK, and Autocad? Would really appreciate it.
  6. I think what I want to do is Roadway Design. That is what interests me most.
  7. I completed my Bachelors in Civil Engineering May 2015. Worked one year in Site Development and for the past 10 months on Roadway Design. Passed the PE exam last Spring in Transportation. (since I am in Illinois, I don't have to wait the 4 years to take the exam) I am thinking to pursue further education and get a Masters Degree. What options are good for the future for Civil Engineers? I am open to the idea of getting a Masters in Civil Engineering but I am considering other degrees as well. One of the fields I was thinking is MBA. Any experience on what other Masters programs
  8. Thank you so much! I was not given a budget nor did I pitch the idea. But since its hard to get a hold of the owner I wanted to have some options before hand to spit out. I'll report back as soon as I talk to him. Thank you once again!
  9. I work at a small office civil engineering firm and we use Microstation and Geopak heavily. We work as subs for DOT projects. The computers we have aren't the best and run slow. I am trying to propose to the owner we get some new computers that render our CAD work faster and load up faster. Can anyone recommend to me what would be some affordable options (preferably desktops that are already preconfigured)? Would appreciate any help.
  10. Illinois results are in! I passed Civil Transportation. Yay!!!
  11. whats the cut score for transportation?
  12. So would you believe they would release it tomorrow? do they release on a weekend? Do I look through continental testing or through the ncees website?
  13. Does anybody know if Illinois is out?
  14. So today I got a job offer from a company. (I posted about going through a tough time with my boss a few weeks ago on this thread). The job offer is providing approximately $7000 more than what I currently make (I graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering May 2015 and got a job before graduating, so if I take this new job, this would be my second job since graduating college. Frankly, I was quite put down in the current company I am in. My most recent manager but my down and scolded my work a lot which really has effected me mentally and emotionally (I got changed managers last week thank god,
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