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  1. The question will include that information. Don’t get hung up on the differences in formulas.
  2. geomane


    No, the hatching/symbol for those shorter sections indicates the rock is fractured, not sound.
  3. geomane


    “𝑅𝑄𝐷 is computed according to ASTM 6032 as the ratio of the summed length of all “sound” pieces of intact rock core greater than 4 in. (100 mm) in length to the total length of the core run (Deere, et al., 1967).” The segments of the “fractured” rock core are not included. So the sum of the sound pieces greater than 4” is 214”. (214/240)*100=89%
  4. Are you studying for the geotech PE exam? Direct shear is covered in almost all soil mechanics textbooks. Calculate the normal stress and shear stress for each of the 3 data sets. You could then plot the points on a graph, which gives you your mohr-coulomb failure envelope. Your friction angle equals the inverse tan of (shear stress/normal stress).
  5. geomane

    Texas Results

    Passed Nuclear with a 97%
  6. School of PE sucks. I have both EET and School of PE course material for breadth and geotech depth, so I can compare the 2. EET's breadth construction topics review served me just fine when I passed the exam. Take my advice everyone, and sign up for EET if you want to pass.
  7. Depends on the existing soil conditions, the type of fill material, the density to which the fill materials were compacted to, etc. The native/virgin soils could be preconsolidated.
  8. The beams do not have to be bearing on native/undisturbed soils, assuming your fill is suitable and properly compacted. My concern would be the 4 feet of fill inducing settlement. Where is the project located? We need more information including borings logs, structural loads, grading plan etc. to help.
  9. Good. I took it for the October 2016 exam and passed first try. They give you all the reference material you need. Conceptual questions on the pe exam are where you will have to pull from your experience...and there were a lot of conceptual questions. The breadth review helped me the most. I used mostly my Das textbooks for the depth exam, but the binder they give has all the same information. I was just familiar with the layout of my textbooks.
  10. I'm interested in hearing people's thoughts on anything related to God and the Bible. I'm not a Calvanist.
  11. Yeah, I'm just interested in hearing other people's opinions on this. I don't know everything there is to know on this subject.
  12. So are you saying some of the things Calvanists believe in are right (once saved, always saved) , and some of the things they believe in are wrong (God chooses who goes to heaven)?
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