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  1. I cook it in water. The point of rinsing it would be ????
  2. I've traversed a lot of roads like that in times gone by. Such were my days in the US Forest Service.
  3. Those aren't extended mags, they're standard mags.
  4. I voted. And for that candidate you probably don't like.
  5. They do. They'll shut down for cold before snow here (somewhere around -15F). And it has to accumulate a LOT. School will stay open until they basically run out of places to plow it, which is somewhere around the 4 foot mark.
  6. BS. They don't cancel schools in the Spokane area with less than 48" on the ground.
  7. I like their CAF and JB. Drinking the CAF as I type.
  8. Covid. Would you rather sleep on something bumpy/uncomfortable every time you try to sleep, for the rest of your life or be cold nearly to the point of shivering every time you try to sleep, for the rest of your life?
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