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  1. I vote to save road dude this round.
  2. I guess so, cause I wasn't even here last week.
  3. Icons are back! All of them. Even the ones I complained about months ago.
  4. I'm wondering... how would you know?
  5. being in this thread makes me want to shower too.
  6. WTH is this about me being a doctor?
  7. Lately, I've started doing some hiking near my home in a continued effort to shed pounds and be in shape to do the things I love in the outdoors. I've been doing about 3 miles every other morning with a pack strapped to my back. This morning, I decided to step my efforts up a notch. A short distance from my home is a network of trails within a conservation area where folks mountain bike, hike, and the foolish run. I drove to the trail head area, donned my 40lb pack and put foot to hill. All in all this morning I logged about 2.75 miles (the graphic below suggests >3, but I forgot to stop
  8. Here are three very different styles, all very good music and some of my current earworms.
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