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  1. I also bought "Fundamentals of Power System Protection" but it did not come with solution manual for the problems at the end of each chapter. Do you happen to have the solution manual or know where I can purchase one?
  2. I am going through the audit process, once I submit all the required documents and a reply from them I will schedule for the exam.
  3. Thank you guys, I really appreciate. I will be back soon to share my good news!
  4. I want to buy Rita's book + flash card + Exam Sim Software. Will these be enough to prepare and the Exam. Did you attend the 2/3 onsite prep course? How long/months did it take you to prepare for the exam? Am asking these questions because am paying out of pocket and want to make decision as soon as possible. Thanks for your response
  5. Ok, thank you. I was looking at the eligibility for the application. I have 2 years of participation in multiple projects. Did you have a minimum of 3yrs/4500hrs work experience before you applied? I have BSc Electrical Engineer and 45 in-class contact hours of project management course.
  6. This was online class right?
  7. Has anyone used Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep for the PMP Exam. And any other material(s) that will be helpful for the exam. I am thinking of using SchoolofPE to prep for the exam and want to know if anyone has gone through them and how helpful it was to successfully pass the exam. Thank you for your response.
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