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  1. Congrats Stewie! I'll miss seeing you there!
  2. Failed vert 25/40, A, IR, IR, U and failed lat 23/40, A, IR, U, U. 2nd time for lat and freaking 4th time for vert. I signed up and got very busy with work and didn't have time to study so I was just going off of previous knowledge and didn't expect to pass...but it still sucks.
  3. It sucks to fail (I know all too well) but that's a good score. Get pissed off and study your butt off and you'll crush it in April!
  4. Congrats on passing Vert. I would have given anything to knock one of them out and only have to focus on one. Time to regroup
  5. Wow you crushed that. Can’t believe that score didn’t pass. I’m super bummed out but I’ll likely be back and see you in October.
  6. Louisiana is out...Failed Vertical for the 3rd time and Lateral for the first time. This is brutal Vertical: 24/40, IR, A, U, A Lateral: 27/40, IR, U, A, U
  7. Nice, looks like the whole crew is here. I sat beside you for vert and in front for lateral. Good luck man, hopefully not much longer to wait for results!
  8. Any indication as to when they would release them?! Also, Baton Rouge or New Orleans. We're already 2/4 (vert) or 2/3 (lat) represented in this thread!
  9. I did it last time I took the exam and it was a waste of $75 but I know the feeling of needing closure. Honestly, all it did was make me more bitter with how the manual verification was handled. I asked questions beforehand but couldn't get any answers at all so finally paid the $75 and a couple weeks later got an email saying nothing changed.
  10. Bridges? I quoted you on that statement earlier in this thread lol
  11. Stewie did you take the exam in BR or NO? I’m also waiting on results in Louisiana (took both in BR)
  12. Let’s get this bread! First results will be out before 1 pm ET.
  13. I dreamed last night that I passed both Vertical and Lateral. I was in shock but experienced such happiness. That's unlikely to be the case when I get my actual results, but at least now I know how happy I could have been!
  14. Discussing the topic of "who are the graders", a guy I work with is Facebook friends with someone who was a grader. He posted something on Facebook about headed to South Carolina for the weekend to grade SE Exams. My co-worker went to college with this person. He works in the Southwest so he was flown in to grade. I did a google search and didn't see where he had his SE license but may have either a Masters of PhD?
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