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  1. @CAPLS Thank you for reaching out for me and for the advice! Much appreciated!
  2. Thank you @CAPLS. This was the response I got from the TN Board. At the February engineer committee meeting, effective immediately, we were advised by our legal department that we will no longer be able to accept exam scores from applicants that passed the PE exam in another jurisdiction and were never registered in that jurisdiction, because there is no provision to do so in our laws and rules. Applicants must complete the registration process where they passed the exam and apply for registration in TN by comity.
  3. @lawnrevenge I am in a similar boat you are in, any luck getting licensed out of state with you exam results from California?
  4. So I passed the Civil PE in April 2015 in California. I also passed the CA specific Surveying exam. However, I have yet to pass the CA specific seismic exam so I am not yet a licensed CE in any state. I recently moved to Tennessee where I would like to obtain my license. There are 2 ways to obtain a license in TN, by exam or by comity. I don't want to apply by exam since I don't want to retake an exam I already passed, but cant apply by comity because they require you to be licensed in another state first. The rep from the TN engineering board said that they are not allowed to accept sc
  5. No one else got their result email? Got mine, failed seismic again. Man this sucks. Good luck to the rest of you and congrats to those who passed. Until next time....
  6. Right there with you, all I need is Seismic!
  7. For Seismic and Surveying you should receive an email containing your password, a second email will be sent sometime later containing a locked PDF of your results.
  8. Not having fingerprints done will only delay them issuing your license, not releasing results.
  9. In April, the license look-up was not updated until after results were released. Also, new license numbers can be issued anytime to those applying by comity.
  10. This is correct. The directions stated that you were to retain one copy for your records.
  11. results before lunch would be nice....
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