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  1. When I started studying at the end of February I was overwhelmed. Looking at the ncees syllabus and skimming through the ncees practice exam I felt lost. I almost gave up but what helped me most were the practice exams. They helped me identify strong & weak topics. They also helped fill in the gaps on what references I needed to get.
  2. Also talk to other potential test takers. I know being able to talk to Kovz and compare our prep and reference notes helped tremendously. It also helped me by knowing I wasn't the only one nervous about this test.
  3. I passed my first time also. I started studying 6 weeks prior to the exam. Those weeks I would spent roughly 1-2 hours 5 nights a week doing practice exams. I did some on the weekends. I used the complex imaginary test(twice), spin up(once), NCEES(four times), PPI(once). I tried working the PPI from the get go and they were very different from actual exam topics they are kind of left field from my experience. During my problem solving I spent some time with my references and noted and tabbed. I crammed full a 3" binder full of print offs. I wrote a lot of notes in Alex Graffeos book and
  4. I highly doubt there will be an op amp problem. That would fall more towards electronics. If they throw one in I will be thrown off I an taking my college circuit analysis book to the exam and it does cover some op amps
  5. NEMA paper on vfds. (I've read people actually reference it on the test) Resistance grounding (don't have it printed yet but it was emailed to me recently and I haven't had time to look it over) Econ slides MVA method (in addition to abc paper) Some printed pages from RUS substat
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