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  1. Thanks, do I need to take course from PPI? They are providing learning Hub access for free for 6 month if you buy the two books for $300. Should I do it? I have difficulty to find 3 licensed engineer for reference. People I worked with don't have PE license. Can I use my classmate as a reference?
  2. I am planning to take PE exam Mechanical Engineering MDM hopefully in April 2020. Where should I start? Just decided to take MDM yesterday. I passed FE 5 years ago and I left school for a long long time. I have master and ph.d degrees and they are in fields of NVH. Which book should I buy and read first? Should I review my FE books?
  3. Thank you very much for the clarification. Maybe I should take MDM.
  4. My master and ph.d degrees are in field of NVH, basically the solid mechanics or vibration. I worked as senior CAE engineer for several years (vehicle NVH) and got my FE in mechanical engineer several years back. I plan to take PE exam in a year but I don't know which discipline should I choose. For mechanical engineering I think I am totally unfamiliar with those PE exam topics : I am not a designer, not good at thermal and fluid, not good at HVAC I feel like I am more a structural engineering but I am only good at steel portion. Here are 3 options seems good fit but I
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