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  1. Why does it takes so damn long to buy and activate a cell phone?! I mean, between waiting in the store, then actually getting serviced and activating the phone is like two+ hours. Buying a car only takes a little bit longer than that.
  2. Close, I was going more Arrested Development. I rewatched Scott Pilgrim a couple months ago, great movie. And way way better than I remember it. It kinda amazing to see how many future stars were in that movie.
  3. Okay, I reread the part of that AE thread (before it went off the rails) and I think I have a better grasp on what AEs do now. narrator: he didn't
  4. There's a whole thread on it in the HoF Forum: HoF threads are always an entertaining read
  5. Ohhhh, a VERY rare ArchE in the wild! *grabs binoculars* But...but...yer profile says Electrical? I so confuse. you aren't alone. I'm still confused. Do you do electrical work at the A/E firm or is it more ArchE work?
  6. Not necessarily on Dec 14th right? Just no earlier than Dec 14? That's how I read it. NET than 3:00PM eastern on Dec 14. I doubt that COVID issues will delay things even more. They appear to have adapted where they needed to. See page 4 of: https://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/5_Licensure-Exchange_October-2020.pdf And front page of https://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/6_Licensure-Exchange_December-2020.pdf As best I know the only in-person part of grading the PPE is processing and running the scantron sheets through a machine, and doing the manual QA audits. M
  7. Good luck @DuranDuran! I want to see a username change next week! yes
  8. A quick 1 week game might not be a bad idea next week. Then as more newbies post in the WttS we can recruit them for a massive game the following week. You'll probably have your results the morning of Dec 7 or 8.* *Jan 5th in Pennsylvania or Georgia.
  9. I'm good for next week. We could start on/after Dec 2 if that makes things easier.
  10. even the sub-forum graphic is perfect
  11. There was four mafia!?
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ see above
  13. Meet Wicket. We adopted him from a rescue about two weeks ago. He's 10 months old, still a puppy, and has lots and lots of energy!
  14. ^This is an accurate characterization of my thoughts at the time. My opinion remains unchanged wrt Duran and Jean.
  15. @MadamPirate PE I vote for @NikR_PE
  16. I wonder if it might be useful to create a parrallel thread. One post per mafia round summarizing things and having the relevant links. Maybe have a mod lock and unlock it for updates?
  17. I used the search fucntion at the top of the page. In this case, I searched for "Fargo" because I remembered that Bly described it that way and that word/town rarely gets typed in the forum. Whereas searching for "woodchipper" would probably return a metric s$%^ton of results since we use it nearly every page in this thread and other threads.
  18. It started about a year ago, way back on page 216
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