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  1. its going to be way longer than Dec 15 at this rate
  2. The question is: when I get the email from Maryland, do I create a fake Maryland thread saying that I just heard from Maryland as soon as it happens? Or do I wait a few days until after the Oct 2020 subforum has been created?
  3. I got an email from Maryland telling me that the window to renew my license is open. I set things up in the NCEES record system. It was pretty easy and painless.
  4. sorry I had a brain fart while typing. I'm distracted with too much stuff at work
  5. We have 15 players! We could still fit in more. At this point I propose we start playing Monday morning. R=his user name vs username, as compared with username of another veteran poster
  6. I must emphasize that this is just speculation based on their statement. It's supported by the fact that they're already saying it'll be the same for the January exam. It's entirely possible that the registration date and release date are unrelated. Merry Christmas? I appreciate the perspective here. People were still waiting for snail mail and getting their results as late as January six years ago. It was nearly the expectation at the beginning of the decade! Some people (SD, DC, and to a lesser extent HI, MN) still learn from USPS mail!
  7. I believe you are correct and onto something. On the NCEES site I looked specifically at CBT requirements for all 55 jurisdictions. I looked at P&P requirements for 5 random ones and didn't see anything about frequency. I just looked at Iowa and didn't see anything. But the 2x/year things was default in the past and IIRC many states codified it. I looked through Maryland and Pennsylvania and didn't see anything. It's too time consuming to look through the laws and regs for every jurisdiction. Suffice to say, they must have a valid reason for wanting to prevent people from back-to-bac
  8. Okay, I found it in the Examinee Guide I looked through all 55 boards (so you didn't have to) and none of them have a more restrictive frequency than "one time per testing window and no more than three times in a 12-month period"
  9. I know I saw something a little while ago about how soon one could retake a CBT test after failing. I seem to recall it was either every 90 days, or 120 days, and a max of 3x/yr? I've spent a few minutes looking but can't find anything except on the FL website. Does anyone else remember seeing something like this?
  10. Ahh jeez that sucks. First let me admit that I was wrong at the top of this page. Second, wow a 53+ day wait is going to be awful! This administration might surpass Oct 2019 as one of the worst wait periods!
  11. Cool. Don't worry about the lack of experience, you'll fit right in!
  12. Want to play? @ss15 @A V @5 to 9 @civilMC @bbarcelo16 @CMM056 @CUniverse
  13. my employer is doing the annual awards ceremony online this year. And doing it a month early too. I "watching" them now. No, I didn't get an award.
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