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  1. That was very well done Havoc. I'll add my advice after I finish this move overseas. My mind is all over the place. *Future Post*
  2. Please find it in your heart to donate. If it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have known where to even begin or had the confidence to even give the exam a try.
  3. Congrats! Did you think the env was hard?
  4. I can relate to this a bit. There were so many questions I did not see coming on the Env exam. Be encouraged. You may surprise yourself.
  5. I don't think I totally bombed it, but there were def some problems I passed on. Environmental is such a broad exam, can't know it all. John Q how did you enjoy the dogs? Hopefully you had ear plugs.
  6. Done!! (Zwandzi).... Haven't taken it yet but honestly without this board, I would not even know where to begin for April.
  7. Congratulations. Great encouragement for those of who are just getting started. Never give up.
  8. Congratulations!!!!! I've been waiting for your post. You are giving me hope for April. Calebrate!!! Well deserved.
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