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  1. Wait, there are rules from some states that require you to take the exam again even after passing?
  2. @Bradster Did your license finally get issued?
  3. Blackburn does cover it in section 12.12.
  4. I think the general consensus is to always disclose everything, even if you don't think you need to, and show how you utilized those incidents as life lessons. I would love to know how this turns of for you. Best of luck!
  5. Does anyone know what the typical timeline is for getting licensed in California? **I found threads that answer this question.
  6. I cannot comment on any listed other than Zach Stone's course to state that it was very good and worth the investment. It was structured - the homework, discussions, and live classes were extremely insightful - highly recommend. I took his course and passed first try this past October test cycle.
  7. Major freaking congratulations!
  8. The baited answers are a very real thing. The best advice I have heard is to always look to see if you need to take your solution one or two steps further. Look for factors in each solution and determine based on the information given if you need to take those into consideration. It is certainly much easier said than done, but always be keen to look for nuanced questions to test the fundamental underlying principles of electrical engineering. There are a lot of questions that are masked to be something that they are not.
  9. @Zach Stone, P.E. His class is very good. If you do all of the prerequisite assignments, homework, and attend the live classes it will build a solid foundation for passing the exam. I cannot recommend his class high enough.
  10. I think pass rates are very difficult to quantify because you don't have a controlled group to take the exam each cycle.
  11. Well, as a first time test taker, I was certain I failed but ended up passing within a reasonable margin. Definitely thought the Power PE was very hard, but it seems like everyone feels that way with their exam cycle, and deserving so!
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