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  1. I thought CO and NM were blue states?
  2. Google “renewable energy grid”
  3. I’ve been listening to Van Halen all week. What a bummer indeed.
  4. Long weekend beer night! Not like it being Thrs ever stopped me before.
  5. I kinda miss seeing it when I drive up there for camping weekends.
  6. They had been holding that thing together since the 1950s. Up close it probably looked like Frankenstein's monster.
  7. Yup, skip Plymouth Rock which is worse than the other 4 on that map I've been to. Does Old Man of the Mountain even count as an attraction anymore? That crumbled in the middle of the night at least 15 years ago. There were a lot of sad NH folks.
  8. JR was shot, but that's another JR.
  9. I had the clutch on my mustang replaced last year. I got around 125k on it. Not bad.
  10. Forget PE day. Tomorrow is National IPA day.
  11. Nah, you're better off in TN. Too much dysfunction in FL.
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