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  1. Thanks guys I think biomedical is a good fit I'm going to meet with the advisors for mechanical and electrical to look through the courses and discuss which route to go through for biomedical. Thanks so much guys.
  2. So is bioengineering good to go straight into?
  3. Oh wow bioengineering is not on the list of ncees
  4. Yeah was thinking biomedical engineering but I have been hearing a lot of people saying to go into the core engineering fields then specialize.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm an undecided engineer student at iowa state university. My passion is to work on new age technologies especially in robotics while having overall knowledge in computer mechanical electrical and even biological if possible. I know this sounds kind of crazy. Mechatronics is only taught by a handful of schools at the moment and becouse I'm in the army I'm not exactly at the liberty of changing states. So how should I "create a mechatronics proficiency in my college. Should I start mechanical or electrical and master in the other etc?
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