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  1. why does it stay "Expires October 2024" ? Is it cause you have until then to take the Vertical?
  2. Last May I actually got my license # at 6 am in my email, and results were posted on NCEES around 8, or 8:30, and hours later the board made available results on what is now PELS. I couldn't believe it. I had gone to bed the night before devastated thinking i would have to retake. Beautiful surprise at 6 am šŸ˜
  3. Currently signed up for Lateral with AEI, extended over from EET. Quite honestly I don't think there are better instructors than Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati for structural. I took a lot of classes out there for structural depth (Civil PE) and these guys not only had the best material, they had the patience and interest to present the material. Looking forward to the Lateral and Vertical classes with them. FYI Dr. Zayati's summary notes for concrete and steel, as well as Dr. Ibrahims wood and masonry, is what I use as reference every time in the office, not to mention in the exam.
  4. Yes. And the AISC LRFD Second Edition is Silver. Does the 9th edition (Green Book) not have an LRFD companion?
  5. So, I used AISC Guide 16. It allows the use of pretensioned or snug tight bolts. Guide 4 is a little too much for just windloads and a small building such as the one I"m doing (16ft eave height.) However, AISC Steel Construction Manual 2nd Edition LRFD or ASD 9th Edition have a great section on extended plate moment connections. Luckily my old boss had these on the shelf collecting dust. All this said, AISC construction manual 14th Edition does have a note that the moment used for calculation does NOT have to be the flexural capacity of the Beam. I just some how missed it. It allows you to use
  6. The AISC Guide 4 seems to present examples and design guide based on seismic criteria. It states the first edition was more so for wind loads. Unfortunately, I can't find the first edition. If I understand correctly the approach for this design is based on the Moment Capacity of the beam and not the applied moment at the connection. Can anyone agree or comment on this? My design is for minimal loading compared to the capacity of the member, so the bolt and plate result is twice as I had projected. Also, I am not in seismic conditions. Any thoughts on solving for Mpl by assigning the plate thi
  7. Sept 3rd , Last day to sign up for SE exam in TX. Just sayin. šŸ˜Ž
  8. Thanks for the comments! @P-E, thanks for the calm "don't worry about". lol, it helps! @ruggercsc it is good to know I'm not the only one. I was hoping to have this great experience. Talk good engineering about it with others before releasing and being confident about every call out, section etc... NOT AT ALL. Turns out nobody gives a shit about discussing why I did something as opposed to another, and everyone has different approaches to sheet organization. šŸ˜” Oh well, i'll find out in a few hours what its really gonna be.
  9. How happy, comfortable were you with your first signed and sealed set of plans. Iā€™m about to do mine and just not too happy with all the presentation of my set.
  10. Well a huge disappointment is Staad Pro and Ram Elements use NDS 2005 Code. I thought about it really hard, and just couldn't let that go. I'm sure I could find a work around, but I really didn't expect that. Indeed Deflection limits is nice to have. Results and CAD Drafting Exports were a big reason I was wanting Bentley. I've renewed with Risa. Looking forward to another year. Thanks to everyone for sharing their comments.
  11. Yeah I've heard great things about Etabs, but looking at pricing it seems out of my range. Thanks for input!
  12. By pre-processor you mean? Have you used their latest version of Staad Pro? I'm curious because they just had a major change in the software as it was, I believe, a year ago. They now have 64bit processing for faster results. I've spent the last year really doing a lot of steel buildings, 1 story PEB and 2 story slab on deck, and am very curious about their detailing output of steel and concrete elements. Actually, Risa 3d is 1600/yr. and Risa Foundation is 1000/yr. Typically this is enough to survive, however, in trying to compare apples to apples then I include the entire Risa Suite as
  13. STAAD PRO vs RISA, any comments? Ive used Risa for years but i feel their subscriptions fees are too much. Considering STAAD and saving in the long run.
  14. Let the dust settle. If you have an engineering degree, I don't believe there is such a thing as NOT being able to pass. Your approach needs tweaking, from an emotional standpoint or technical. I don't know how the Mechanical PE is structured, but there is always a way. I took Dr. Tom's for civil. Didn't work for me either. But let me say this, when I mastered the material, and this was before I officially passed the exam. I went back to each binder I had previously studied and found that in fact the material was there. And it was just as clear as other current material I was using for the exa
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