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  1. Binge watched Season 6 of Bosch. Continues to be very good. S7 is supposed to be the last season but guess it's better it goes off on a high note than overstay its welcome.
  2. Watched this with Mrs. Ram. I remember a friend of mine telling me they had their own "police" patrol of the community and pulled him over and was giving him a hard time until he pulled out his NYPD badge an told them all, politely, to eff off before he arrested them.
  3. I've been too busy to watch the latest season but trying to make some time for it. Mini-Shush has been watching Monk on Amazon Prime and monopolizing the TV.
  4. Not Netflix/Amazon but Shutter Island for the fourth/fifth time.
  5. Ahh yes the millennial Bernie Madoff. Completely forgot about this. It was all over the media and then dropped off.
  6. Work is enforcing 2 week work from home and schools are closed till end of March with possibility of more. Supermarket shelves continue to be woefully bare...
  7. Saw this over the weekend. Very good movie - much better than I expected from the previews.
  8. Bad Boys for Life - if you're a fan of the first two movies and know what to expect going in then you'll like it. Other than the nostalgia the movie was pretty terrible. Was really surprised to see quite a few parents bring their 8 - 10 year olds to the movie.
  9. Wife is looking forward to it, me not so much. Mini-Shush and I are looking forward to the new Scooby movie.
  10. Took mini-Shush to see Sonic - holy crap that movie was horrible. Most of the jokes fell flat, the product placement was overly in your face, and the lead guy/gal might as well have been cardboard cutouts. The "saving grace" was Jim Carrey's usually over the top performance which has gotten pretty old by now. Of course they left it open at the end for a second movie...
  11. Change in temperature across a throttling valve is assumed to be 0 so T(8) = T(7) = 100F.
  12. Couple items: 1. Regarding test materials and prep courses, the policy for reimbursement should be clearly defined in your company's policy for tuition reimbursement. If not, you should have this in writing before undertaking any costs. Most places I've worked for you paid all costs up front and only got reimbursed if you passed the exam. 2. There is no obligation from a company or managers to allow you time off to study or allow you to study at work. The vast majority of board members dedicated personal time to study and vacation time if required to travel to the test site. I un
  13. It is my understanding effective April 2020 that the "general" morning portion of the exam will be replaced by a discipline specific morning session so folks taking TFS will be tested on that both in the morning and afternoon with little if any overlap in the other areas. The latest exam specifications here: https://ncees.org/engineering/pe/mechanical/ seem to support that also if you look at the breakdown.
  14. On the other hand, I have never personally understood the desire to take the exam in an area outside of your practice solely for the sake of passing. I work primarily TFS so that's what I took. If my daily job was MDM or HVAC I would take either of those disciplines. While I understand our PE licenses don't say P.E (TFS/HVAC/MDM etc.) I've always found it an ethically gray area to take the exam in a particular area for the sole sake of passing. Also, with the change to CBT the exam is more discipline specific which address your concern that a large number of TFS-type questions showed u
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