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  1. VT, what am I watching? said TV.
  2. Love sour cream, bacon I could take or especially leave.
  3. Animal House was on here overnight on some station I've never heard of before, IFC. Wayyyy up there on the dial. Not edited for time or content, all the cursing and nudity left in. I was surprised.
  4. RIP. Had a Golden for years. Real sweet pooch. Probably time to move to the pet thread, though.
  5. You've seen my av, my posts, etc. I loves me some Labrador. I'll get him there. Hard to do right by a pup in the middle of ND in the winter.
  6. No clue with kids here. But the dog is impossible to potty train. And he also nibbles the trash now and again.
  7. Just google the term 'tranny' and you'll get plenty of helpful info.
  8. According to 40 CFR XXX, the definition of hazardous slop is most likely... I hated those.
  9. Excellent post! Welcome to the club. I thought qualitative was harder than quantititative since you can't just work the problem and cancel out units. I used to live in that neck of the woods, so I know how to pronounce Wistuh.
  10. WNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNBC. Unless you're in the part of NJ by Philly. Then I'm not sure what affiliate you get. I grew up in the NY suburbs and that's what we got. Now my local NBC station starts with a K.
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