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  1. Good luck to those who taking it tomorrow at the fairground...the sight of that place still haunt me! Bring your lunch...don't go out and buy it. Like I said before, around lunch time, the main going out of the fairground is pretty crowded
  2. Get the Seamaster 300 https://www.omegawatches.com/watches/seamaster/seamaster-300/product/
  3. LOL I know that feeling. Focus on health, family and personal wellness for now...let it sink it and enjoy the success for a while. I am still enjoying mine 3 years after I passed! Still benefiting from it. This is what I have been doing... working out, gym, take oversea vacations, enjoy Christmas
  4. oh man..can't imagine you can passed without calculator!
  5. Plan to bring your lunch to the exam. Going in and out the fairground is a bitch! Like the OP said, get a place to stay nearby. I stayed at the Homesuite last time when I took it. After the exam, go have dinner before you head back to the beltway... Don't forget your exam authorization, your ID, painkillers for headache, water/energy drink/juice/coffee and small snacks but it to be out of the plastic. Wear a sweeter since it's cold this time of year. and Leave your phone in your car!!! Facebook can wait lol
  6. Final phase of the whole thing is, after you passed the exam, you figured you need new thing to stressed on, like enrolled into graduate school, taking another exam or new a hobby..i'm on that phase for quite a bit already..i m bored
  7. Are you stricly doing COM stuff or systems stuff? like infrastructure and etc....Maybe they are holding you on 4 years exp. Does anyone in the company has PE and more experience? Maybe you should as for a bump for passing PE.. p/s what sort of COM stuff you do?
  8. Some of them probably has so little number of people taking the exam...for example, North or South Dakota probably has maybe less than a couple hundred people.
  9. 28 days later, draft day, lock stock and 2 smoking barrels, trainspotting, Football factory,
  10. long weekend baby..and continue to torture those who took in MD..lol
  11. wow...that was fast..it can ruined someone Memorial Weekend or be the best weekend ever Maryland released the April 2014 results in May 22 as well..i just look
  12. This is totally false. I passed the FE in July 2014 and sat for the PE this April 2015. The PE is just as challenging as the FE (especially for someone who's been out of school for a while). It was easier in the sense that I actually care about learning all the topics on the PE and want to understand them and need to know them for my career, but it doesn't make the exam any easier. It's still a very difficult test. FE was tougher back before they change the format..i went thru the regular one..and i was out of school for a while
  13. I'm not quite sure what advice you're seeking. Are you asking if the hardware listed is acceptable? You didn't include any prices so I'm not certain if the hardware meets your $400 budget either. A gaming machine (even low-end) is going to be tough on a $400 budget (but doable w/ certain exceptions). At the same time you're going to want something that is reliable so you don't end up having to replace anything a year from now. Which would be counter-productive with regard to your budget. If you want, I can list some hardware w/ pricing to see how it measures up to your budget. In my exp
  14. 2014 April - Black 2013 Oct - red... so you are correct so far...but how many pencils you have
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