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  1. I’m guessing once she gets a full coat we will. If she gets a full coat being we hardly ever see freezing or below temps here. The color change could be her shedding her puppy fluff and getting her actual coat. I’m tempted to shave our GSD. One, I know he’s hot, two he sheds like crazy. I vacuum once or twice a week and fill up the tank three times with hair each time.
  2. I’ve read that husky coats do change with seasons /shedding. But I read it fades from birth to fully grown in first year. (Shrugs) I’m wondering if now that she’s worm free and healthy her coat is improving and she’s showing what she will look like. She was very light gray and white. Now daily we are seeing black creep into her coat. I hope she can catch up on weight, but if she stays a runt because of the worms we will definitely be sure to keep an eyes out for any health issues. The emergency vet we brought her to right away wasn't sure she’d make it, not that it was said outright, but just
  3. Anyone here familiar with huskys? I’m wondering about the growth/development of our puppy. She only weighed in at 13.7 lbs at 12 weeks, and her coat has been getting darker. I thought the coat lightens? Note: she had a very very bad worm infestation when we picked her up at 5 weeks. Finally received negative worm tests at 12 weeks. Maybe this is why she’s got some abnormal things going on? Wondering if there could be other health issues to look for. Of course, vet appointments now are a drop off from car, pick up from car, so not much speaking to the vet.
  4. Our puppy now, being a ‘Gladys’.
  5. Let’s go....we can do eeeeettttttt!
  6. Who are these new people? Where tf did y’all come from, coming in here after the 15k finish line is passed. Ya missed the party.
  7. Hey, if you turned it on, all good. I worked with an engineer who would bring his lunch in a Walmart bag. He’d put the whole bag with contents in the microwave and heat it up.
  8. Same...and I’ve never worked civil...ever
  9. I’m all for everyone living how they kids, married/not married, monogamous/polyamory.
  10. I’s not single....been in the same relationship for over 14 years...until death do us part.
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