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  1. Aren't you the guy that spilled the beans and told me that I might need to do multiplication?
  2. This one time, I took the PE exam, and i had to use the Manning's Equation.
  3. Keep the license you originally obtained, as that is your basis for comity going forward. My EIT is PA, original PE in MD, now licensed in a ton of others.... Gave up on NYS as they wanted me to redo my entire NCEES record.
  4. This sounds like a lame excuse for not getting your ass in gear and studying.
  5. Word on the street is that this was the easiest exam of all time. Change my mind.
  6. Don't waste your time, you'll never use it.
  7. a good chunk of your PM comes from the HSM. Take the HSM.
  8. CPESC represent! Test wasn't too bad if you're actually doing the work. You still need to study, but not too bad. I did take a one-day refresher course. Test was a ton of multiple choice in the AM, and then a few pencil and paper problems in the afternoon.
  9. You don't need PDHs for your first renewal in PA (and most other states).
  10. Update: After almost 16 months I was told that the NCEES Record I submitted (and was approved by 6 other states in the Union) did not demonstrate "Intensive application of engineering principles to the practical solution of engineering problems." Now I get to try again, with a paper application. At this point I truly believe that I was black listed for asking for status updates for over a year. No way any state rejects a comity application that shows 20+ years experience.
  11. This edition was literally released like a week won't be on a test for some time. Relax.
  12. NJ offers an FE Waiver? Are you sure about that? NJ is one of the biggest pains in the ass to get licensed in.
  13. I have 2 boxes of transportation PE references that were current for the 2015 exam (HCM, HSM, RDG, MUTCD, EET PM, plus other stuff). If anyone needs them you can have them. Here is the catch: they are in Philadelphia, you need to pick them up, you need to take all of them (I'm not breaking up the pile). Most of these are printed and bound PDFs, so if they aren't picked up by 10/5/2018, they will be recycled. GONE
  14. Holy Shit....yours is June 2017??? You have me beat. Mine date is August 7, 2017. To date, my application has be delayed while they waited for my “FE Score” (I applied with NCEES Record) Then “currently under review you are 5 weeks into the 12-16 week process” Then at “Week 16” .... we are sorry your application “stalled in the system, and we have created a new “workflow”” Then “currently under review you are 3 weeks into the 12-16 week process.” (Yes, I went backwards apparently) Then I was....”moved to the front of the line, but we are only review test takers at
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