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  1. Last name begins with "J". So not sure that's the driving factor.
  2. Still no email but I just checked the website and my license number has been issued.
  3. Estimated responses... I didn't have time or the mental bandwidth to go back and rank/count 1. Surveying / Seismic 2. 40 / 40 3. 14 / 12 4. 1 / 3 5. pass / pass
  4. It would appear the answer is to play the waiting game...
  5. Just got surveying and passed that one too. Phew! Now I guess I will get notice of being licensed soon? I'm going to go do some digging to refresh myself but if anyone can point me to a summary of the process after passing, I'd sure appreciate it.
  6. @wheresmyresults -- just got mine as well and passed. Fingers crossed that surveying comes soon and provides similar results.
  7. Anyone know if the 6th Ed. is significantly different from the 5th? I have the older version and am wondering if I need to ditch it all in favor of new materials if I decide to take the exam.
  8. @structural2552 , my fingers are certainly crossed for (positive) results early next week. I'm sure it's been covered somewhere but I'm somewhat curious why a computer based test doesn't provide instant pass/fail results. I get some of the analytics taking additional review before released, but the wait just feels cruel on these exams. Such is life.
  9. In all licensing exams (PE, SE, state exams, etc.) I think the most challenging aspect for test takers is time limits. It's easy to get sucked into a problem that you know you should be able to answer and burn 10-20 minutes or more and put yourself way behind. Do this once, you could recover, two or more times and you may end up blindly guessing on many as a result. This is something I always note when folks ask me about my exam experience and test taking advice. To answer your question @ThePEmaster, as best I can recall I was able to obtain an answer to nearly all of the questions o
  10. Definitely found it trickier than the surveying. Both were hard, but seismic felt like the questions were intentionally vague and confusing at times.
  11. I'm waiting on results of both exams. Fingers crossed. The waiting it tough. I'm not banking on early results. Guessing between the 13th and 15th.
  12. Never mind. The dates exam materials are mostly related to analysis and unchanged code provisions. No need for new problems.
  13. I’m taking the seismic exam in a week. I’ve got plenty of study materials (review) but would love to get some last minute practice exams. I have ones for the prior code iterations but would love to get some updated problems. Does anyone sell digital versions so I don’t have to wait for shipping? I didn’t see anything on quick search. Thanks for your help!
  14. I just got my SE in IL and used TX PE's as my references. One thing to note-- I had experience in Washington, DC as well but my boss was licensed in NY. They did not accept that. They wanted the PE's to be licensed in the state you are working (silly since 90%+ of our work was outside of DC...).
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