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  1. That subway video was great. Memories! And you guys don't know the thong song? Here's my mid-90's music. Even got my cd signed by her 😻
  2. Free PC games! Humble has A Story About My Uncle: Here's a code since I already have it: 0FZW8-VCG6M-QI6KF Epic has What Remains of Edith Finch: and Steam has Blast Zone Tournament, which looks like a Bomberman rip:
  3. BotW is amazing. It's hard at the beginning with the weapons breaking constantly, but you get past that pretty quick. I finished the DLC sometime in December and got the motorcycle. So worth it. I played a bunch of FTL on the ipad over Christmas break since my son had the Switch on use anytime I wanted to play on it. Old game, but still so good. Now that I'm back on my PC, I'm playing Subnautica.
  4. Watched the first new episode of Voltron with my kids yesterday. What a great show. I binge watched the first 7 seasons in 2 weeks over the summer.
  5. So last night I picked up my son from after school care and one of his classmates was picking her butt and then sniffing her fingers 💩. I hope she wasn't playing with the legos too. I made sure my son scrubbed his hands when he got home.
  6. I had some lady texting me asking if I was interested in a position. She didn't introduce herself or her company and when I asked who she was, she referred to an old voicemail she left months ago. I told her I was not interested and to stop contacting me over text messages. Talk about unprofessional.
  7. Someone posted this on the office supply closet door.
  8. Voomie, I am so sorry for your loss.
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