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  1. Thank you for the offer blingdog, one of my friends has a solutions manual that I borrowed for now.
  2. Siin, can you email them to I would appreciate it. I'm so desperate, i even emailed the author of the book...not that he would really read my email, but...
  3. I believe a lot of people used this book for the exam, could you guys take a minute and reply to my questions. It gives me some confidence if I get to know how you guys tackled this book.
  4. Berry, I tried calling them to see if they can give me the instructor version. They told me it's strictly for instructors. I told them I'm preparing for an exam and the solutions would really help, didn't make any difference. Some of you guys who used the book, please shed some light on whether you worked out the problems at the end of each chapter and how you checked the answers. I'm a bit apprehensive about just working about the problems without knowing the answers.
  5. Does any know where I can get the solutions manual for Power system Analysis and Design by Duncan Glover, 5th edition? The books has no answers or solutions. Any help would be appreciated.
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