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  1. Not necessarily. They are trunk lines running to different parts of the house. I built two such soffits when I finished my basement, and I only have a vent in one of them.
  2. Yellow = States that like, or are indifferent to, the state of Michigan. Blue = States that hate the state of Michigan. But actually, it's legal to own a racoon in the Yellow states...not in the Blue ones.
  3. With a strategically placed apostrophe, Montana and N. Dakota fear Clown's Holes.
  4. I'd be more worried about the lithium batteries on the cheap Chinese knockoffs. I've already seen one that looks identical to your picture in my lab with exploded batteries.
  5. WTF? Are all those suffocations from hanging/suicides? And I love that DC's main form of injury is getting punched in the face.
  6. There may be that option. I honestly stopped digging after I found out that they operated on a subscription model.
  7. My primary workouts are on a stationary bike, so I looked into Pelotons. I've been on bikes in gyms that have "virtual rides" where it plays a video of a scenic bike ride and adjusts the tension on the bike to match the actual terrain you're seeing. I thought it'd be cool and interesting. Turns out Peloton has moved to a subscription-only model, and most of crap they offer is just sweaty fit people yelling at a you in a virtual spinning class. All I want to do is download a few different bike rides...maybe pay for them after getting a certain number of them. I really, really, really hate
  8. I can guarantee he wasn't using Autopilot at the time. I have my autopilot follow distance set to the absolute minimum, and it's a solid 3 car lengths at interstate speeds. You can't tailgate or make tight lane changes while on Autopilot.
  9. I'd say those number probably include the cost of the building and required equipment. Real estate prices and sizes of locations is the only thing I can think of that would justify the extreme differences in franchise costs. Probably also why Subways are cheapest and has the smallest range...most Subways are in crappy locations and they are almost all tiny.
  10. I must have bought some crappy stuff, then. I bought a tube of silicone caulk when I finished my basement (2010), but ended up not using it. I needed it a few years ago for another project, and it never solidified (stayed liquidy/tacky for about 2 weeks before I gave up and bought some new stuff).
  11. I had a 2004 Mazda 6. Loved that car. Some idiot t-boned me and totaled it about 3 months before I had it paid off. Never realized how much I missed that hatchback until I got rid of my Altima for the Tesla.
  12. LOL...I've always said "I'd rather freeze than burn," but I never thought of it in this context.
  13. We're talking about the same people that hoarded toilet paper for a respiratory virus. Not the sharpest tools in the shed.
  14. So, basically, the 3rd biggest non-nuclear explosion EVAR?
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