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  1. I'm not sure how frequent they do the early registration discount. Here are some FAQ's that may shed some light: http://www.eetusa.com/faq If not, I say just shoot them an email: http://www.eetusa.com/contact-us
  2. Yep, that's the site. I paid the full $1,100 price tag since I signed up very late in the game. I believe the live webinars were already in the 8th or 9th week by the time I started studying. They will ship the printed course materials very promptly. I signed up on a Sunday and received them on like Wednesday, and I'm all the way on the east coast (PA). With the on demand option (which I took), you also have the option to attend the live webinars at no extra charge. So if you're up for (and have the time) to watch some webinars more than once, I see that as a good scenario. I agree
  3. I took the EET SE Lateral online demand course this past fall. I had taken and failed the SE Lateral (Bridges) multiple times over the past few years, primarily due to the AM multiple choice questions which I was never able to achieve an acceptable level. I almost always got "Acceptable" on all 3 of the PM bridge essay questions. I have taken a couple of different review courses and I found EET to be the best option. I used School of PE in the past, which helped me past the SE Vertical (Bridges) on my 1st attempt. I took School of PE again for the Lateral and found that only the instr
  4. I'll have no place to stay
  5. Mid January, maybe. When I took the PE Civil in April '09, results were mailed 73 days after the exam. Didn't get license # until August 6th...
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