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  1. I might be the only in CT, but I just called and the woman who can unlock scores at the dept. of licenses took today off - they said she might be in Monday.
  2. Caltrans has the max shear/moment charts for simple spans but for problems that ask for shear at the critical section it takes a good amount of time to back into truck load and lane loads at the critical distance... Does anyone know of any charts or faster procedures to find shear at the critical section?
  3. It looks like PPI is no longer publishing their errata online and instead requiring you to buy an online subscription to their book for updates and corrections. Can anyone verify in the 9th edition, 2nd printing, page 9-6 when they find the stiffness parameter Kg they are using the area of the beam only. Since it's a composite T-beam, shouldn't the area used be the beam + slab?
  4. I'm trying to prepare for the SE Bridge exam and started working through the 'Simplified LRFD Bridge Design' book for example problems. In the first design example the author finds all the interior and exterior girders and determines the longitudinal moments. For dead load moments equal shares of the total are applied to each girder. Then he considers the dead load transversely as a continuous beam across the girders to recalculate maximum moments on interior and exterior girders. The exterior beam under consideration in the transverse slab-continuous-beam analysis has the maximum
  5. I just started working for a construction company doing estimates and I'm trying to decide what masters degree to get. I've been told by my coworkers that construction management or an MBA would be most valuable but I'm not sure I really want to stay in construction. I'm considering structural (to go into design), or a dual MBA civil degree. Anyone have any sense of where the most money is/ job market will be going for young civil engineers? Any advice or opinions are appreciated!
  6. zas07001

    CT EIT

    Anyone know when the scores will be released or has anyone already found out?
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