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  1. Come on!! 90% depth questions directly from a binder!! That's like hitting a jackpot. Don'texaggerate, please. I cannot argue much though because I have not seen that EET binder. My opinion, you need at least a couple of reference books to answer some problems. These books develop formulae from scratch, alternative techniques, and discuss different exception cases, which cannot be covered in a class binder. Also, there will always be some questions for which you need to use your own judgement; no book or binder will have it.
  2. At least she spoke in English. She might be a new receptionist, who just sits there and transfer calls. Wish you the best.
  3. The Highway Green Book is 942 pages! Of course, you will have to print off peak hrs so that people are not waiting for you.
  4. Easy math, 40+8 = 48; 48+8=56>55; You will Pass next time. I hope you will pass with a lot higher score next time. But, not take it guaranteed. You will still have to study hard. Start with the topics that you did not do well. Then just review and review the old ones and new ones. You are familiar with the questions, you have the materials, tabs, extra calculator, or book carrying basket or a diaper box (if you have any kid). Believe me, I saw someone carried his books in the exam room in a Huggies diaper box. Anyway, no one can stop you passing next time. Just give your last push
  5. @Liquefaction: yes I did study hard about your name as it was not that much part of any courses in college. Only thing I knew in college was its definition and how/why it occurs. I wonder why it was not part of any course even though I took several (10 or so) Grotech courses in college. Oh well, knowing a new topic is always good. That's all I can say.
  6. 1. Don't do too much highlighting. Then you will have hard time to find important stuffs. Only highlight keywords that you don't know. 2. Agree with you on six minutes and PPI question bank (cafe). They are too math regorous instead of giving flavor of new concepts. NCEES sample problems are perfect and I wish there were more questions in there. My recommendation, you solve one problem from the NCEES and solve several problems on the same topic from textbooks you used in college. 3. It is better if you can have your own formulae sheet. No single book is complete. So, you will have t
  7. paigelida, with due respect, I would say do not waste a single day. Start studying now instead of waiting for the holiday season is over. Even if you can understand one topic in a week, you will be done by five topics by mid January. It is hard to solve problems when you are on the road or in holiday mode. In this case, read literature related textbook such as CE Materials, Site development and improvements, etc. If I am not mistaken, about 25% questions are theoretical. You can answer them in 15 sec if you know the concept/topic. If you do not know the topic, it will take several minutes (som
  8. I would also say instead of looking for another course, study the materials that have collected by yourself. Read and solve similar problems from relevant textbooks.
  9. Lindberg's CRM should be sufficient for AM. One of friends told me that testmaster was good for him. He took Structures though. I agree with the comments with Hydraulics. Should study hydraulics well as it covers significant portion in AM.
  10. I saw that listed EIT your resume before you got you PE. But, the question was how to write it instead if who uses it. Oh boy..there you went again.
  11. PE instead of P.E. - that's my vote . Same for EIT instead of E.I.T.
  12. For soil mechanics and general foundation engineering I used Das book, for bearing capacity and advanced level footings I users Bowels, and for piles it was Coduto. ASCE press has a Handbook on Foundation Engineering. I did not follow the ASCE 7-10 or any code book. For Geotech, I don't think you need any code book. By the way, read text, footnote, etc. from these textbook. Some people say solve only problems. I would say read all those prints and fine prints when you solve problems. If you do not work in the field (it was the case for me), go and visit some construction sites. Let say, go to
  13. Agree with KMart. I also used and took Das and Bowels books as references. Besides I also used Coduto book and ASCE Handbook on Foundation. Each book was very useful. For Geitech, one textbook is never sufficient. You may have to study one topic from one book, another topic from a different book, and so on. I did not take any course. By the way, have a good engineering dictionary as well.
  14. Passed what?? You are too nice.
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