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  1. Not all of us who support the movement feel this way. It's kind of unfair to discredit the merit of the entire movement because of some very loud hypocrites.
  2. My husband keeps insisting I watch it. He absolutely loved it.
  3. YMZ PE

    AI artist

    I keep seeing abstract penises in the artwork. Is that more a reflection on me or the AI?
  4. Ruby Rose was great in Sing 3!
  5. Do you get to wear an orange silk robe around and tell people you have many leather-bound books and your apartment smells of rich mahogany? Seriously though, that's awesome. Way to represent local lady engineers!
  6. What a friggin' creep. Strange how the fact that she isn't interested in men makes it even creepier.
  7. Would it have been better if I said he legitimately diddled my hardware?
  8. I bought that Chewie jacket for the hubs for our 7 year anniversary (the "wool" gift). Now you're telling me there's a reversible Chewie/Solo version??? 🤯
  9. But seriously!!! Is it not alarming that an IT person would click on a blinking ad thinking it's a link to legitimate calculator software, then try to download something called "My Email Center" to a networked computer?
  10. "This app can't open. Contact your Administrator to repair or reinstall this app." He also said some users didn't have Photo Viewer installed either, and that he would have to "hack the registry" to get it to work. Fortunately my Photo Viewer worked fine so there was no need for him to do any questionable diddling of my software. I miss my old machine. A competent IT person secretly gave me admin rights to it. Now I have to file Helpdesk tickets for minor installations.
  11. It's what the IT guy told me. I'm not super confident in what he tells me, if that wasn't obvious.
  12. @knight1fox3 Apparently Windows 10 doesn't come with Calculator pre-installed. Our IT guy stopped at my desk, Googled "calculator" and tried to install an executable file from one of those random ads on the side of the CNET download page. I looked on in horror and squeaked out a "Please don't install malware on my machine". He looked at me in exasperation and said, "Please. If I install a virus on your machine, I'll fix it. Come on." Did I overreact?
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