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  1. I have April 2012 and it's black. I'm pretty sure my FE pencil was green and that was April 2007, but I don't have one handy to check. Anyone else take that exam?
  2. The inside cover of my print edition is dated September 2007. I got it in late 2011 or early 2012. I'm in Syracuse. I went to college up north.
  3. Air has two sets of topics, the basic principles and controls. You should spend some time reading about regulations, emissions sources, atmospheric science, that sort of thing. There are 30 air questions. These topics are maybe a third of them and many are likely to be qualitative, so if you have a general understanding of those topics and know where to find them in your references, that will really help. Look into Gaussian plumes too - I didn't actually have any questions on them but I heard they're common. Controls were very difficult for me. I don't get into air at work at all (I d
  4. This is not true in NY. They also do not require recommendations, just endorsements from your supervisor for all qualifying time.
  5. My form 4A was 7 pages in total. I wouldn't list out the work you did by date - put the total time in months for each project in the right column. I did mine in roughly chronological order to show increasing responsibility, but that's the only reason I chose the order I did. The rule of thumb at my company is the more information you give, the more they can find fault with. You just want to list the engineering tasks you completed. If you did a project where you did inspection but really you were making engineering judgements or calculations, focus on that. I hear that NY is very strict
  6. I passed the April 2012 exam on my first try. Here's my experience: Test you took: PE Environmental Engineering What books you brought with you: EnvERM by Lindeburg with separate bound index NCEES practice test (current version) Environmental Engineering by Salvato (older edition, one volume) Hazardous Waste Management by LaGrega Wastewater Engineering by Metcalf & Eddy (3rd edition) Basic Environmental Technology by Nathanson Environmental Engineering Dictionary by Lee (2nd edition) NC State PDFs Drinking water standards (summary tables and specifics on things like lead but I didn't n
  7. Hey! First off, thanks to everyone who posts their impressions of the exam, how they studied, and what references they bring. It's very much appreciated. I just submitted my application to NY for the April 2012 exam. Fingers crossed it's accepted, because I know a lot of coworkers who were denied on their first try. Good luck to everyone taking the exam on Friday. Oh, and if any of you pass and have reference materials you want to sell, let me know!
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