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  1. If you dont do Santa with your kids do you ask them to not tell their friends what is happening? Those Christmas mornings are pretty special with your kids, they are great and I would like to have one or two of them back to be honest.
  2. redrum

    APR 2017

    But wont the results be more like 96 days away?
  3. Had heard a lot of good things about the black mirror, so watched the first episode where the brit PM screws a pig to save some royalty?
  4. I just like the way my butt looks in my riding pants
  5. They don't have the moxy to list any other emails on their contact list, but I am sure you all are smart enough to decipher them:
  6. I've had this thing sitting on my bookshelf for about 3 years.. It's the best study guide there is if you go through the book in order. Class is $1200 bucks... I would really like to sell this massive notebook to you.. Send me a PM.......
  7. Well Hello there!

  8. redrum CONTEST

    I admit, I exchanged some nice S&M emails with tester'director
  9. how do people go through 4 years of college and not hear about the EIT/FE ? For us it was always, if your lucky enough to graduate, then you get to take an 8 hour exam followed by another 8 hour exam.
  10. if your state does its own certification (LIA) what the point of getting the CSEPC? I dont see anything different that you can do with that versus the PE and the state certification for erosion control?
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