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  1. Congrats to any and all Ohians who passed. For those who missed the cut, don't give up!
  2. 2 Advil at 7:30 🕢, and 2 more at 1:00.
  3. I am licensed in 13 states. It was a huge timesaver, except for 1 state which shall remain nameless. It is a pain to update experience, reference, etc. if any time has elapsed, but considering how much of a pain it would be to have to supply transcripts, references, experience to EACH state would have been a real pain to deal with.
  4. The answer to all 3 of your questions is to ask the CA board of engineers. I passed the EIT in Ohio, then moved to MA and attempted the exam there. MA just needed verification from OH that I had passed the EIT. I then moved back to OH and passed the PE exam. OH accepted all of my experience from MA. I would suspect that CA is the same, but best to email/call them to find out. I have dealt with a number of states and have not had any issues with asking questions and getting answers.
  5. Is better to err on the side of caution. There are questions that are dangerously similar to questions in reference material. So, can you prove it? Like Matt said, I wasn't taking any chances. Just my 2 cents. to each there own.
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