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  1. For those who didn't see on Facebook, we had to put our kitty to sleep a few weeks ago. She was having some sort of cardiovascular failure and was on her last legs. She lead a happy last few years of her life having made the transition from outdoor stray to indoor lap cat. She'll be missed.
  2. My eyes feel violated by that picture.
  3. ^^^ Digging through the back posts, I actually posted that same pic 7 years ago...
  4. Still seriously debating what to do... Really want a Deadpool-themed sugar skull. Not sure I'd put it, maybe side ribs. Also really want a bio-mechanical shoulder piece. Something that goes from my peck to just above my elbow. Instead of it being the typical "torn-flesh" that reveals what's below, it would be more like my upper arm was replaced and my lower arm was stitched back on. Alternate would be a series of smaller tattoos that combine to make up a full sleeve, almost like a series of bumper stickers of just random things I like.
  5. I mean, how else are you going to get 15k posts if you keep quiet?
  6. Uber Eats typically has the bag stapled shut so they can't get to your food. Also helps that a lot of the UE drivers use mopeds with an insulated box on the back (can't really access/smell the food while driving).
  7. Thought it was pretty obvious
  8. Minimal. Maybe 10 total minutes.
  9. Looks like they noticed it and closed it prior to full failure.
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