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  1. To expand on Phase 6 (results), you will have to go through a several day period of refreshing the NCEES website hoping that your results are finally in. One or two states will post the results quickly, and the rest will trickle in. Just hope that the first few states release the results on a Monday. Knowing you have to wait through one more weekend is tough. And of course there will be one or two states that are over a week behind. Prepare to refresh that website about once every 30 minutes or so! You should also be prepared to be fooled by a post claiming the results are in.
  2. Sorry, but saying that the practice exams are a waste of time is bad advice. The 2001 and 2008/2011 NCEES practice exams are STILL the closest things you can get to the actual PE exam in terms of format, difficulty, and subject matter. Yes, it's good to go over the test specifications and make sure you're knowledgeable in most of those topics. But you should use the best tools available. Correct.
  3. Yes. /> These are all of the latest NCEES sample exams.
  4. They're books you can buy. You can get the latest sample exam (2010/2008) on the NCEES website. For the 2001 exam, you'll need to search the for sale section of this site, ebay, amazon, or any other place that sells used books.
  5. In case you don't know - there is a 2001 edition, 2008 edition, and I guess 2010 edition of the NCEES sample exams. 2001 & 2008 have different questions and include all 3 afternoon topics. The 2010 edition (which is still available for sale on the NCEES website is the same as the 2008 edition, except the afternoon portion is broken out into different books. Since the questions in these are extremely similar to what you'll find on the exam, you can see why the '01 and '08 versions are popular.
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