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  1. Perhaps Minnesota could work as well. I don't know how far you're willing to travel but if I'm reading the state's regulations correctly, there seems to be a stipulation that FE requirements are waived if you have 20 years of experience along with being over 40 years old. Some additional things you're going to need to consider-since you received your degree out of the country you're going to need to fill out additional paperwork from NCEES and pay about $400 to have your degree evaluated. Also, you said you're moving back to China, I'm assuming you've worked here for a decent amount of ti
  2. Hello everyone! I'm here to let you know about a 30% discount code for a mechanical pe exam study guide I'm selling on my website. So for everyone getting ready to take the October exam here it is, use "summer30" in the checkout when buying the study guide. The code is good until September 1st. You can find the guide at: There is also some good information and advice along with other exam material on the website. You can surf to and check it all out. Cheers!
  3. Typically the boards don't have issue with the length of experience (provided you have enough-and it seems as though you do in this case), but rather the type of experience. As long as you give enough detail about your work responsibilities and functions you should be ok.
  4. This is really good advice. Another gauge you can use for these practice tests is how much time you spent hunting for the correct information/equations in your reference books. Your score after grading the practice test is only part of the story. If you spent a lot of time hunting for information, a little more organization might help you more than drilling through more practice problems.
  5. When I took the MD depth, I referenced my Machinery's Handbook a couple of times. If I remember correctly it was to lookup some sheet metal thickness, a beam cross section, and some other type of component dimensions.
  6. That's great! Finding some PE's to work under can be difficult at times. For anyone else who is having the same difficulty, don't forget any consulting firms that might be working with your business. It would have to be a longterm project you're working on with the consulting firm, but if that firm had any PE's you worked with they might be a good source of recommendations. As long as the PE's have worked with you and are aware of the quality of your work and ethics, they should be willing to write you a recommendation letter.
  7. Machinery's Handbook has some great conversion charts. The charts contain simple lists of conversion factors along with some "quick reference" tables where specific conversions are given for discrete steps (meters to feet conversion table for 100, 200, 300...meters). Last I checked there were about 40 pages of conversion factors in there. The type is somewhat small though, so it might not fit your "easy to read" requirement. In that case, check out the large print version of the book. Hope this helps!
  8. Samer, Your choice for the afternoon session won't effect your marketability in the job market. When/after you pass the exam you'll be recognized as a "professional engineer", not a "fluids professional engineer" or "hvac professional engineer". You should choose the afternoon session according to your own personal preferences based upon which area you have the most experience with and therefore are most likely to do well on. Now, when you go out into the job market as a PE you're ethically and legally bound to only practice engineering in the discipline/area that you're competent in
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