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  1. Many of us have been there, I know you have that sinking feeling right now. I've opened up the same email to get the same results (I was in a bar with a bunch of friends and co-workers when I found out I failed - bad idea). There's nothing wrong with taking a couple weeks to collect your thoughts and get in the right state of mind again, but get back at it and you'll kill it this fall
  2. Good idea with the pass letter, I think I'll do that. Yea, I can wait a couple more weeks until I officailly get a license number before I put the initials after my name. I've waited this long already do no big deal! FYI - I'm definately going to have a few beers and watch Animal House tonight now....
  3. I second that! Some grilling, some brewing, and a few beers myself. I told myself I could buy a kegerator once I passed so I think that's crawling up the 'To-Do' list!
  4. So anybody know what the procedure for final registration in Ohio is??? All they say is send a $50 check to the Engineering Board. Is there not any further paperwork/application that needs included? Just send a nice empty envelope with a check??? Just seems odd.
  5. I PASSED!!!!!! WOO! Congrats to all!
  6. I'm too nervous to check... I think I'm going to wait till lunch where I can get out of the office for an hour if I need to.
  7. I believe they give you a window to retake and pass the FE. No idea how long that is tho. But if you can pass the FE in that window then your PE results would hold.
  8. I agree, I think they'll come today. I believe the October results were released to the states on December 29th last year early in the day, and Ohio had them posted on the NCEES website by 4pm that same day.
  9. Congrats to all!!!!!! I'm hoping and praying for a better result this second time around. I keep checking the NCEES too, and it's just goign to give me a heart attack waiting. So I think I'll stop for a while.
  10. I'm waiting with you Mike. This is my second time of doing this tho, I was so confident I passed the first time (and didn't - but quickly realized why upon taking a review course) that this second time around has been twice as nerve racking not knowing how the hell I did!
  11. Congrats guys! I took the Electrical - Power as well (again) in Ohio. Still awaiting on my results! They didn't give any diagnostics for passing did they?
  12. Correct. "Diagnostic" is bad news. I failed the October 2010, I didn't receive any "attachments" via the email. Just instructions to log-in to the NCEES website where they were posted there. And yes, there was a 'diagnostic'.... which I don't like because that's going to be the first thing I look for the next time I log-in...a nd I'll know right away.
  13. Definately not crossing my fingers... this same anxiety started for the 2010 October exam about this time, if not earlier. And I think the results took 58 days before they started getting released.
  14. I agree, I'm going to say June 10th. I wouldn't be surprised if it were as early as the 3rd tho. But with Memorial Day being in there I'm going a week later due to the shortened week and inevitable OTO schedules.
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