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  1. The bed of the truck is nearly full of tools / parts / fuel; it really limits what I can buy and haul home! Tires just take up too much damn space... I'm up for a meetup, beer or other adult beverage while I'm in the area, I'll send ya a PM.
  2. I see the triple ad when I login and sometimes during a refresh. It's so quick that I've started to ignore it most of the time.
  3. Yes, in prepared for just common issues. I actually expected to get bad diesel in Canada and brought a spare fuel filter. I'll be changing out the primary filter on the engine and the secondary on the rear (in bed) auxiliary fuel tank before heading home. One thing driving the alcan, especially in the winter, has tought me is to be prepared for the usual breakdowns. With the way the Canooks are wanting us dirty Americans to get thru the country as fast as possible, I'm carrying enough supplies and tools to fix 75% of the potential issues without having to rely on finding parts. Th
  4. The BIL is in the northern outskirts of Ft Collins (towards the Budweiser plant). We're currently in a hotel in Loveland near the fairgrounds until the end of this week. The BIL has HOA's in his hood, was only able to keep my camper in his driveway for under 24 hours or he'd get fined. It had to be hidden by trees out of sight from the road and neighbor houses.
  5. I found that my drive from AK to CO has caused an O-ring in the coolant system to crack and have an intermittent leak. It's on top of the motor, so I'll get it replaced before driving home. Probably do it the same day I change the oil to winter weight, swap the fuel filter out and get the winter tires installed (I brought everything needed but the damn o-ring, but I'm sure I can find one locally). Starting to wonder if the BIL's HOA has some rule against wrenching in the driveway or not. If so, I'll have to drive into the back pasture and hide it behind my camper to get the work done. At
  6. Getting this thread back on track:
  7. It was about 56 miles Southeast of Sand Point in the start of the Aleutian chain.
  8. As I'm not at home, I can't comment on the status of the house other that to say that the quake was over 550 miles away from Anchorage, over 600 miles from my home. Neighbors report minor shaking similar to a 3.5 or less. I don't think we have any members that are closer to the epicenter, so I reckon that it was just another day in Alaska.
  9. If the head needs to be pulled and rebuilt and ground anyway, let the shop do it. If not, start with the first option and work your way down, skipping number 3. If you bust the extractor in there, the shop cost may exceed the new head price.
  10. I switched jobs. The wife finally had knee replacement surgery (ongoing recovery) that was several years overdue. I haven't gone stir crazy while working remotely.
  11. @JayKay PE, as someone who has traveled for work and previously a safety coordinator for those that traveled, the KN95's from Lowe's or Amazon are generally your best bet if you don't want to go through the hassle of getting a half face respirator and proper filters. Lowes: There are several from Amazon available, just make sure that they have a minimum of 5 layers. Also, the issue with getting a test before you go only confirms that you did not have it before you travele
  12. I cannot really play for the next several rounds; busy helping with knee replacement recovery on top of work. Feel free to use me as a NPC as necessary.
  13. Even with welding a nut on the stud and extracting that way (provided it isn't broken off within the head), let it soak with a good penetrating oil for a day or two, then weld and pull. I've used several bolt extractors, still have yet to find one that is my "go-to". Last bolt that broke off within a casting was carefully drilled out to just shy of the required size tap drill and then re-tapped. Before that, I melted the sucker out with the oxy-acetylene torch. EDIT - Thinking about the last time with the bolt extractors, use the largest size that'll fit safely. If you bust it, it's
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