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  1. Good game all! Sure had some twists! Great modding!
  2. I’ve got several tubes that are going on 5 years old in my garage. I used two last weekend without issue. If they haven’t frozen, you should be ok. Worst case, you’ll have to pull and replace in a week if it didn’t setup properly.
  3. Yes, they try to wash the bear before hibernation..
  4. Not if I can help it during the drive. If we’re flying, there will be a short layover in Seattle.
  5. Most direct route is 3200 miles (+\- 20) according to google maps. We’ll take about 5 days to make the drive. Flyings is the undesired backup if Canadian border agents deem the medical reasons for transiting their country non essential. We’re trying to avoid flying to control potential covid exposure. That and desire to have a known vehicle available. I’m definitely not looking forward to the return trip to Alaska in mid November.
  6. As fun as this sounds, I’m having to sit out the next few rounds. My drive to Colorado starts next week and I’ll be offline until I get outside (Canada that is). Feel free to use me as a NPC or tribute for the first night kill in the next few rounds.
  7. Looking at it again, you are right, still catching up on sleep after mafioso started getting rooted out.
  8. You don't have to track NPC votes, they're only there to entice others. I also noted no one has voted for you according to your sheet. we need one of the other NPC's to vote in your direction.
  9. I'm about out of my supply of those 5mil nitrile gloves as well, down to my last box. Couldn't find them my last trip outside either. I did find some one size fits all nitrile gloves at Home Depot a few weeks back. I was able to grab two boxes at the time (16.99/100). They're a hair looser than I'd like, but slightly better quality than the Hardy 5mil from Harbor Freight in the right size.
  10. @MadamPirate PE I vote for @DuranDuran just so he feels involved!
  11. My sink looks similar for discoloration, but a good scrub with comet brings back the shine (usually quarterly). If it were me, I’d go for the stainless sink and an upgraded faucet in the same color or stainless. Skip the nickel and chrome.
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