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  1. 13 hours ago, ChebyshevII PE said:

    @civilrobot? @Platypus Engineer? @ptatohed? @ChaosMuppetPE?

    (Understanding that some of you may not be interested/have time, but want you to feel included)


    Thanks Cheb.  I am so sorry that I don't come by this site enough.  Sorry it takes a 'flag' to make me come by.  Ok, yes, please count me in.  I might need a refresher though!  I hope everyone is doing well. 


    Yikes, I see some alerts and messages that have to respond to.  Who knows how long they have been there.....  


    Thanks again Cheb.  :)

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  2. On 1/9/2020 at 2:37 PM, structard said:

    This portion of the original post needs to be updated to reflect the latest info.  The testing windows are now quarterly, not two times per year.

    The link also needs to be updated to this one:


    I appreciate this a lot structard, I will update, thanks so much.  Anyone else?  

  3. 34 minutes ago, Will.I.Am said:

    Check your PMs recently? I was about to leave the exam site last Friday, when I saw the pristine, unused spare pencils that they kept at the front and thought, "I should totally grab one of those for @ptatohed. He probably has connections, but I'll grab it, just in case." It's sitting in my house with your name on it... At least for the time being. :thumbs:

    Just responded.  Dude, thanks so much Will!  So much appreciated!  :D  

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  4. On 10/28/2019 at 10:13 AM, NikR said:

    @ptatohed may be if you solve the @tj_PE nail color equation, you can solve this.

    LOL, I think my half-baked color prediction theory is 100% out the window now!  Purple?!  😮

    I need to work on a new prediction theory it seems.....

    But that's the beauty of science (vs. religion), right?  When new data comes along that is counter to what you previously thought, you toss out the old belief and use the new data to work on a new theory.  :)  

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  5. 14 hours ago, ChebyshevII PE said:

    Ok, friends! Is there any interest in starting up a new game this week, or are people still too busy? Also would anyone want to volunteer to moderate?

    @RBHeadge PE @NikR @tj_PE @vhab49_PE @JayKay0914 @leggo PE @Audi driver, P.E. @ChaosMuppetPE @blybrook PE @Ranger1316 @jean15paul @chart94 @ptatohed @LyceeFruit @Supe @Roarbark (Even though I know you might still be on vacay)

    (And anyone else I might have missed)

    I'll pass Cheb, but thanks for thinking of me.  

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  6. 18 hours ago, RBHeadge PE said:

    EB Mafia V: The Battle for Mafeyette / Mordstadt / Okishima

    I'm going to moderate this round. Who's in?











    Thanks RBH.  I think I might have to pass.  I am always half a day behind when I finally check-in in the late pm / early am and there are always 4 pages of posts I missed that day.  Hard for me to keep up.  But thanks for thinking of me guys, it was fun.  

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  7. 4 hours ago, Roarbark said:

    Day Results

    I received 2 votes for @tj_PE, and 1 vote for @ChaosMuppetPE

    You find tj_PE parked next to the lookout at Eutrophic Lake. She smiles as you approach and comments how beautiful the view is. You ask what she was doing, and she replies, staring straight at you. "Disposing of bodies." There's a tense moment before she smiles and laughs...
    "You should have seen your faces".

    Looking off the edge of the cliff, however you can see something floating in the water below. 

    You send someone down to investigate, and they boat hook the floating shapes to shore. The mystery of the missing mailman, Walmart(TM, R, C, or whatever) greeter, and pet groomer of Mafayette (Or whatever this town is called) are no longer mysteries. 

    The town lynched @tj_PE. She was a member of the scary scary mafia. 

    All members of the Mafia have been mercilessly slain. The town wins, with surviving members including @ptatohed, @JayKay0914 the knifeycat, Dr. @ChebyshevII_PE, and @ChaosMuppetPE.

    Thanks @Roarbark

  8. 1 hour ago, Roarbark said:

    It's only 10:06 here, bud :). I'd say I'm a night owl AND a morning person, so to accommodate the first, I have to sleep early usually. Speaking of which. These teeth won't brush themselves. Take care!

    Good night @Roarbark, I think I am going shushy soon......  2:30am  ;)      

  9. 1 minute ago, Roarbark said:

    Final vote was 3 for RB, 1 for Jaykay, 1 for NikR. 
    RB was lynched, and was a mafioso. Everyone who chose you switched at the last minute. What a dramatic development!

    Wow!  Thanks @Roarbark!  So, you are a night owl too it appears??  My friend!  :)  

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  10. 16 hours ago, JayKay0914 said:

    Though I want to vote for you, simply because you're voting for me on suspicion, I am instead voting for @ptatohed.  They voted for chart, who was eliminated the first round, and now seems to be targeting you (which would mean me voting for you would most likely kill you, even if you are an 'innocent' woodworker).  Since this is a game based on not letting the mafia win, and I can always buy produce in the afterlife...

    @Roarbark I vote for @ptatohed, because they are specifically targeting people in the morning hoping that other people will follow their lead.

    @NikR you better lay flowers at my grave.

    Say what???

  11. Ok, it's after 12am so it's now "tomorrow" 08-06.  I can't vote to eliminate tj because she sent me a cool pencil.  I can't vote for Nik because he saved my life (NCEES pencils and 'Life' are pretty much equally important).  Without revealing my strategy (frankly, there isn't much of one), @Roarbark, I'll vote for @chart94

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