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  1. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Thanks Cheb. I am so sorry that I don't come by this site enough. Sorry it takes a 'flag' to make me come by. Ok, yes, please count me in. I might need a refresher though! I hope everyone is doing well. Yikes, I see some alerts and messages that have to respond to. Who knows how long they have been there..... Thanks again Cheb. :)
  2. I appreciate this a lot structard, I will update, thanks so much. Anyone else?
  3. The first post may very well be due for an update. I've been away from it for so long, I'll need recent examinees to please help me keep it updated. If you have suggested updates, please advise! Thanks.
  4. Received the awesome pencil today WIA! Thanks man! Can I PayPal you at least the shipping please?? Thanks again!
  5. tj is The Woman! Nice grab! Are any of these for sale by chance? Happy to barter too, I have a bunch of old style NCEES pencils.
  6. LOL, I think my half-baked color prediction theory is 100% out the window now! Purple?! 😮 I need to work on a new prediction theory it seems..... But that's the beauty of science (vs. religion), right? When new data comes along that is counter to what you previously thought, you toss out the old belief and use the new data to work on a new theory.
  7. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    What was the question?
  8. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    I'll pass Cheb, but thanks for thinking of me.
  9. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Thanks RBH. I think I might have to pass. I am always half a day behind when I finally check-in in the late pm / early am and there are always 4 pages of posts I missed that day. Hard for me to keep up. But thanks for thinking of me guys, it was fun.
  10. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Good night @Roarbark, I think I am going shushy soon...... 2:30am
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