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  1. It will be interesting to see how compliance with health directives goes in 2021 with many growing weary of the masking, social distancing, waiting in long lines, etc. There have been many protests against this in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Great Britain. Probably more that are not being covered by the media. Locking down entire populations was a mistake that will be paid for one way or another in the future. Quarantine is for the sick and those at serious risk, NOT for every citizen! If national leaders cannot think of a better way to handle a viral
  2. No engineers or exengineers on the list. Surprised that lawyers are not represented there. They start out roughly double the salary of an engineer. It should be recalled that engineering graduates are the highest paid university grads at the Bachelor's level which means little competition. Few careers are available with just a Bachelor's degree. It is really a step toward a Master's or PhD. The vast majority of Bachelor's degree holders end up in jobs that are no better than what they could have had with two years of community college.
  3. "If you don't beat the system the system will beat you."
  4. Mask wearing has now made the DHS concerned that their facial recognition surveillance technology is being thwarted. Gee, isn't that considered a totalitarian practice not suited to a constitutional republic? Why hasn't that been protested against by Antifa and BLM?
  5. Member of Parliament Sara Cunial tells the truth about Bill Gates and what he represents. Gates is scum of course. Why? Because he is a eugenicist and a globalist. He favors global government, not sovereignty and also believes the world population must be forcibly reduced. Unfortunately too many people do not know the reality of what he believes in and have no idea of the tyranny of global government. From "News Punch": The Italian member of parliament is not the first person to accuse Gates of being unfit to dictate world health policy. According to Robert F. Ke
  6. It is also a good thing to be prepared for a nuclear accident such as Three Mile Island or the Chernobyl event but you don't hear the experts saying "There's going to be a surprise nuclear meltdown during this Administration....." because it would alarm people and if it really does occur then you could be rightfully accused of planning it in advance. Of course if you announce such a thing every year the warning becomes another cry-wolf statement. A significant nuclear event would cause far more deaths and longer term damage than any virus ever could.
  7. Apparently this current pandemic has been in the planning stages for years. Listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci talk about it here. It's not such a surprise now.
  8. I don't know why someone like Bill Gates is given so much credibility on this pandemic. He became rich from developing software and should stick to that. Being rich does not make a person an automatic expert on the environment, pandemics and vaccines, etc. I suspect he is just a talking head for those who have an agenda, most notably the World Health Organization which he has poured money into. Gates is also known to be in favor of eugenics and population control (reduction) so his beliefs should be opposed by the vast majority.
  9. The Democratic nominee definitely will not be Joe Biden, that would be handing a landslide to Trump. Biden is senile and can't put a coherent sentence together. Seems incredible that in a country as large and diverse as the U.S. with all the great universities producing thousands of highly educated and qualified graduates that they can't put up a single candidate for President who isn't a crook, conman or so old they look like a warm autopsy. Be ready for four more years of Trump.
  10. Daughter at the wheel of her Lexus IS250 AWD. She loves that car like her own child. One day that may happen.
  11. Elizabeth Holmes is the biggest scam artist since Michael Milken. She is lucky not to have a hit team stalking her for the many who lost substantial sums investing in her fantasy business.
  12. Alice Cooper said it best: "School's out forever!". Fantastic.
  13. You will have stress when you have to babysit the company you work for, that is you are responsible for finding clients, performing the work and ensuring your department makes a profit every time regardless of circumstances. Recession? Not the company's problem, that's YOUR problem. Clients going bankrupt or moving operations to China? Same thing, the company bears no responsibility for that. A recipe for ulcers and heart disease.
  14. I can honestly say that I have never been to the office of the company I work for as a subcontractor. They are located in Montreal while I work from home in the Toronto area. I travel in the local metropolitan area but nowhere near Quebec. One day I may get out there to meet the people I work for in person. It would be about a 6 hour drive.
  15. Congratulations to General Motors for wrecking another car brand. This time it's Holden in Australia. Add that to Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn and Saab. Great record. Keep up the good work.
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