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  1. "You will receive a Wall Certificate, generally with a letter, and a plastic wallet card wall certificate. Also, you may still receive a paper pocket certificate. That's all." I'm sorry, mistyped. Fixed above
  2. You will receive a Wall Certificate, generally with a letter, and a plastic wall certificate. Also, you may still receive a paper pocket certificate. That's all.
  3. Hi Everyone, The CA Board recently launched its new online application system with the EIT and LSIT applications being the first ones. In the month since it opened its worked pretty well with the exception of the requirement to provide fingerprints. The fingerprint requirements have not changed simply due to a new online system. Basically speaking, any applicant residing in CA must submit fingerprints by going to a LiveScan center located anywhere in CA. Anyone outside of CA or that does not otherwise have the ability to go to a center in CA must request hard cards from the CA Board,
  4. The Board's general schedule for professional licenses is every two weeks. However, over the last few months, it seems like the License Search maintained by DCA tends to lag behind about 3-5 days before those licenses appear in search.
  5. Once you obtain your initial license from whichever state, you will need to accurately state that for any future applications. Basically speaking, the date you submitted your application is not relevant whereas the issue date of any license is. "Don't care which horse left the gate first, only which one crossed the finish line first." Does that help?
  6. That was a true statement at the time you submitted that application, so this wouldn't be an issue for the CA board.
  7. I should add that it also depends on how you apply in Nevada. Since you don't have a license yet, you can not apply by comity to my understanding and if for whatever reason you become licensed there before you do in CA, that would become your initial license.
  8. This will not affect your application status in California. Nevada Board may require an exam/license verification which you can process through your MyNCEES account. That will show that Board that you have previously passed any necessary NCEES exams that Nevada requires.
  9. I'm just keeping track of all the dates you all have guessed and making sure it won't be any of those
  10. Clarification: California hasn't canceled. The social distancing requirements currently in place prohibit large gatherings of people and with the exception of the Central Valley location, NCEES adjusted and found suitable arrangements In Reno and Las Vegas for candidates residing in California. Also, the January regional civil alternate date. The Central Valley location in Visalia is still a go at this time since the number of examinees is lower.
  11. send me PM with your full name and contact info
  12. If you're expecting an exam results email, checked your spam, and still haven't received one, have you contacted the Board yet? feel free to send me a private message with your name and contact info and I'll check it out for you.
  13. You will receive an email with your Authorization to Test sometime in December similar to what you received previously that allowed you to schedule your exam(s).
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