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  1. Take incriminating pictures of your boss to force his retirement. Boom job advancement.
  2. Planning to remove a 10' span of load bearing wall - any structural engineering advice? Can a lumber yard size the beam for me or am I needing more in depth than that. Thinking a two ply 11" lvl beam
  3. Lookup when engineered drawings are required in your state and do that. Electricians can wire up office spaces and lay them out - some of the time they still require engineered stamped drawings.
  4. Just finished Super Smash Brothers and started Zelda. Definitely different than the previous versions I just find myself wondering around mostly looking for things. Definitely dying faster than usual. My son just watches me play - but he does get mad when I talk to people. Freezing on a mountaintop Getting struck by lightning
  5. The versaview is what we took a look at. Well - We run 1024 x 768 resolution. (2) 22" monitors and (2) 42" monitors. I changed the resolution once and the operators begun filing grievances.
  6. Just upgraded from WinXP to Win7 for Ifix view nodes. BAHHHHHHHHHHH Might look into the Rockwell SCADA View node machines - whatcha say bout that
  7. why mess with perfection
  8. And another update https://reason.com/blog/2019/01/02/judge-confirms-that-oregon-engineer-has
  9. Wife is taking junior to see either Bumblebee or Spiderman this morning. I'm at work on EB.com
  10. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Then will be Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  11. Smoke brisket twice Both times came out awful
  12. Mario (son) Princess Peach (daughter) Luigi (sister) Yoshi (me) Coin block (wife)
  13. Builder's Exchange here in Kentucky Be aware - most of those jobs that get put out have already been secured and if you're doing that to get work you could be SOL.
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