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  1. I don't even want to show you the next one I got.
  2. Can I also use this to tase people?
  3. We were talking last week about home workouts. We were doing single leg DB deadlifts and I said, "I feel like we did a million of these during shutdown." I was very glad to not have seen them in awhile. I would full on just become the crazy person carrying a pack of weight around the neighborhood. I never want to do mountain climbers ever again.
  4. Yeah, as I was loading them up she said, "But still come to the gym!" It'll be nice to have stuff at home for the next time we're all quarantined. I stayed at home while waiting for my husband to clear his tests and I was sad I missed deadlift day.
  5. Oh! This reminds me- I started CrossFit in 2020.
  6. Reebok is running a sale for the Nano 9s- they were only $65. I think I accidentally bought the same color as my coach. We're doing a ton of stretch and strength kind of stuff over the next 11 weeks and it feels ridiculous, but also feels really good to slow down a lot of those movements and feel where the weaknesses are and how to improve them. My left glute is worthless, so I plan on really focusing in on not letting it give up on those eccentric movements. Slow overhead press always gets me- it's like my arms are worthless on their own without a little push from my legs. Our gym
  7. Watched Palm Springs on Hulu. It features Andy Samberg and Cristin Millinoti (from "How I Met Your Mother"). I enjoyed it; it was kind of a nice escape. It's the chillest I've ever seen Andy Samberg in anything.
  8. ^But 3/14 is a ways off.
  9. But, like, Thanksgiving is cancelled this year, right?
  10. That OHS squat is a terrible movement. I did it earlier this week at 65-lb and spent the whole time thinking, "Oh, this seems bad."
  11. I learned how to make sourdough bread.
  12. Yeah, I have to assemble it. Shipped it's $68, which is worth it for my husband to not have to cut anything for me. Assembly should take 20 minutes. There was an option to pick up for free in Denver, but they are only open by appointment for that M-F 10-4. The $16 of shipping was fine.
  13. Speaking of which, I just ordered my own short person box from REP Fitness. I'm tired of stacking plates and need to just work on getting that 20" jump down all the time. I ordered their "in-between" which is 16-18-20. Four plates stacked on each other is 15, so I think I should be set. It's just gonna be me in my snowpants in the backyard jumping all winter.
  14. We definitely have to line our boxes up with the ROGUE going the right way. It soothes my engineer heart.
  15. It's so pretty! Why the heck would they do that? That sounds hideous.
  16. I went ahead and went to another box while on the road this week (hopes COVID didn't notice). It was GIGANTIC- I felt like part of the warm up should have been just grabbing all of our gear. It was good to go and try a WOD at another gym and feel vaguely confident and not embarrass my home gym. They had the actual Rogue bikes and we have the Xebex one and they feel so different. I had a moment where I started biking to see if everything was set and then I stopped and I didn't realize it autopauses so I jump in for calories and realize I haven't unpaused. Bah.
  17. The ones we bought have the around the head and I tried changing the straps to be behind the ears because we were headed to a wedding and there's no way to wear it like that without my ears ripping off. I was pretty happy to have them when the smoke was really bad here a few weeks ago. They are not something I would want to have to wear all the time because they are pretty restrictive, so I'm extra thankful for nurses that have to wear them all the time.
  18. I bought our N95s from here: https://honestppe.supply/ I found the link via Rolling Stone, of all places.
  19. Are you sure he isn't a former wrestler? My husband has full dad bod, but can still handstand walk across the house. I feel like it's as much about balance as it is strength. I pick at my hands when in meetings to disgust those around me, so I (knock wood) won't tear. I also focus on the palm grip (heh) to avoid it as well. Our coach swears by it. But here's my "I fought the box and the box won" photo from back in February.
  20. I think that was basically the movie Fear with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg.
  21. This morning we laughed about how we all seem to enjoy the extra work that holding your breath while squatting provides. We row a lot. I like to pretend I'm Sandra Bullock in Bird Box when I do it. "BOY!"
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