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  1. There are definitely parts in a timed workout where I go ahead and switch to lateral hops because I can't jump rope. I have a lot happening when I jump- I don't need additional obstacles!
  2. I got to be the poster child for the posting of today's workout. Snatches were Monday. We did an AMRAP with 9 snatches, 6 single leg crossbody T2B (I looked like a hideous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader who was clutching to life on the edge of a cliff and decided that my final thing to do before I died was the kick line) and then 30 DU/90 SU.
  3. Wait- where do your veggie usually reside if not in the produce aisle?
  4. This morning was 2-2-2-2-2 push press. My push jerk in July was 85-lb and my push press was 85 (for five rounds of three), but today I hit 90-lb! I think that I have more in me, but that felt pretty decent. I was starting to drift into push jerk range, so it was best to stop. We followed that with a 20-minute EMOM-First minute 20/17 cal row, second minute 6-10 HSPU. I went with a 12-cal row and 6 seated DB strict press. The 12-cal row was because that's all I could get to in a minute. DB press is because I don't have pike push ups- they feel like I'm gonna drop me on my face.
  5. Wait, what? Like you cross your arms in front of you? I have to do a lot of PVC warm-up and then I tend to roll my triceps on the bar before I really get into it.
  6. Spealler's pretty good about posting the workout on IG everyday. It doesn't include the warm-up or post-work, but it's got the main show. I think it's pretty decent of him to do that.
  7. We can share a spot on the rig! We won't even have to pretend like maybe we want to put a couple of 5s on just to see. We'll get to that in a a few months. Maybe.
  8. Yeah, well, this is why my Grinch heart exists.
  9. And I don't really follow the CrossFit games. I just know some names and watch along, knowing that tomorrow I'll try the same movements at the gym. I also follow professional cycling for approximately the same reason- I'll never be pro, but I know what it's like to ride my bike a long distance for many days in a row. But, if @knight1fox3 ever comes back, he'll need to sit in his P90X penalty box by himself.
  10. So this morning was 50 manmakers. Because we use Chris Spealler for our programming that means a manmaker is the following: Renegade row (rowing in the plank position, each arm once) Push up Jump up Clean Thruster (or squat then push press) That's ONE. Right around 25 or so I started alternating bodyweight with my dumbbells reps. Good gosh.
  11. I like front squat because it feels like an easier bail than then barbell crushing me from behind. I also gotta squeze cheeks and engage that core and all that jazz to make it happen, so it's a good movement. I don't think I'll go much above the 105-lbs I'm doing now.
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