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  1. Mine didn't change after I donated Friday. This board definitely helped me keep my sanity.
  2. @matt267 PEno I took Construction it was my third run at it, hence I wanted to try a new approach and went with EET. They were great!
  3. I passed as well after taking the classes offered by EET!
  4. I just wanted to say I know it's tough seeing that red fail sign looking back at you. I took the civil construction exam three times before I passed and every time I saw that on my screen it crushed me. For a week or two I was mopy depressed mess then I shook off the dust and tried to figure out where to start and what I needed to change to better my odds. Just know that sometimes its not the success that defines you its the troubles had you while you were getting there. This exam is not impossible it can be passed don't give up!
  5. Passed! - Civil Construction third time was the charm! in TN
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