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  1. Maybe today is the day they let @frazil drive the Mars rover. Happy birthday!
  2. They opened Fall River Road on June 29 to traffic. We camped at RMNP 6/26-6/28, and we saw a group of bikers that had ridden up Fall River Road on Sunday morning on their road bikes. They said road conditions were pretty good for road riding.
  3. And how different the NE (where I'm from) is from southern FL. I started hating places like Lauderdale, Daytona, PC Beach, etc. I love the small Florida towns, like Melbourne, and basically the entire Gulf coast. Just a more laid back feel to them.
  4. We camped at RMNP a few weekends ago. Prepare the wife for crowds at Bear Lake. We tried to get to the Bear Lake parking lot "early" so that we wouldn't have to use the shuttle, but it was full by 8 AM (apparently not early enough). The hike from Bear Lake to Emerald Lake had lots of people on it, with sporadic mask wearing. I have a feeling that the hike y'all will be on will not have as many people on it. Have a great time social distancing! We're heading to Steamboat Lake this weekend.
  5. As a recovering Floridian, I can confirm that Florida hates Florida.
  6. Did you use your earned stars to pay for it?
  7. Did the board start out angled on the road side, or is that due to friction?
  8. Congrats on the new bike!
  9. I will admit to being skeptical of the 1X setup for mountain bikes, but after buying and riding one for about a year now, I have zero issues with it, and like it a lot. I have not met a hill that I can't climb (yet) with my 1X.
  10. Just tell her it's cheaper than another race car.
  11. You have jumped into the cyclist stereotype wholeheartedly. Welcome! Number of bikes needed = N+1, where N = current number of bikes owned. Also, you are upgrading your bikes at a record pace!
  12. That is the EXACT stand that I have. LOVE it. I had to put a new chain on my road bike last weekend (snapped and dropped the old chain while on a climb), and having the bike elevated on the stand made the repair so much easier. Also, washing/cleaning the bikes is a lot easier on the stand. Clean bike = fast bike.
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